White Fur Boots for women

White Fur Boots For Women

Choosing stylish and warm clothes for the winter season is not an easy task, and it seems that choosing the right shoes , which will not only be frost-resistant, but also fashionable, is a problem that we suffer from. At the same time, it often becomes Stylish shoes. In appearance, they are the center of attention, therefore, in order not to make mistakes, we have compiled a selection of shoes that should be discarded in the new season.

Check if you have one of these models or not and find out the best alternatives.


Wedge Shoes

  • Wedges always seemed to go out of style, but designers still make and sell these shoes.
  • But its design is always related to old models, so we recommend getting rid of it.

Replace your wedge shoes with platform heels

If you want to appear taller, choose huge platform shoes instead of wedges, and your clothes will not lose their importance and will become Fashionable in the 2023 season.



Below-the-knee boots

Such a model visually “cuts” the legs and noticeably shortens them.

Replace your boots with over the knee boots

We suggest swapping out your old boots for over the knee boots, it’s the wide, lace-less lace-up boots that are becoming the hottest trend on platforms.



Thin heel ankle boots

Thin stiletto heels have long lost their relevance, because the footwear of the season does not correspond to the modern trend of comfort and simplicity of appearance.

Swap out your stiletto heels for an architectural or chunky model

If you want to add a feminine and elegant look in the winter, try dressy booties or ankle boots with “architectural” heels.



White Fur Boots

We love that brands use different cultural icons in their collections, such as the ‘fur’ boots that have become a favorite of fashion influencers. However, in our reality, a long pile will likely look untidy and sloppy, so it will lose its appeal very quickly.

Replace fur boots with suede

To be fashionable, choose short fur boots, pay attention to fur boots or faux sheepskin boots.



Ugg high boots

Ugg boots are one of the most controversial and hotly debated shoe models. Over the years, fashion critics decide year after year whether they have a place in the winter wardrobe.

Replace tall Uggs with medium-height ones

If you follow fashion trends, choose Ugg boots, because they raise your temperature in the most severe frosts. When buying shoes of this type, pay attention to the length, as the high model will make your legs visually voluminous and add irregularity to the look. Choose models of medium length and they will look elegant.