whats coochie snot meaning

Whats Coochie Snot Meaning?

Coochie Snot Definition

coochie snot is vaginal discharge is the natural viscous fluid and mucus produced by your vagina that lubricates miniature glands, secretes into the vagina to keep it clean. Protects the tissues from irritating substances, and helps protect against infection. The term vaginal discharge should not be used to describe any kind of red or brownish vaginal discharges.

 Vaginal discharge is a normal part of your vaginal health. It is often referred to as vaginal mucous, or just vaginal discharge. 



In the following, we will learn about the types of normal and abnormal vaginal discharge, including:


Types of vaginal discharge


Coochie snot  is Vaginal secretions are divided into two main types, normal and abnormal vaginal secretions, let’s get to know each of them:


Types of Normal Vaginal Discharge


Here we will introduce you to the types of vaginal secretions according to their color, shape and causes. Here are the types of vaginal secretions according to color and texture. The types of normal vaginal discharge are as follows:


  • White secretions

White secretions are common at the beginning and end of the cycle, and normal white secretions do not itch, but if there is itching or pain, it can be classified among the list of abnormal secretions.



  • Transparent and rubbery secretions

This secretion is called fertility mucus , and it indicates ovulation.  Usually clear secretions of mucous consistency appear during the period accompanying ovulation , and this secretion is normal and does not cause concern. 


  • Clear and watery secretions

This happens at different times of your menstrual cycle and can thicken after exercise. 



  • Brown secretions

They may occur immediately after menstruation and are necessary to clean the vagina of old blood, so it may appear dark brown, but if brown discharge continues at different times of the month, you should seek medical attention and undergo examinations as prescribed by your doctor.






Types of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge


The types of abnormal vaginal discharge can be divided into the following:


  • Thick white discharge

If the thick secretions are accompanied by other symptoms, such as itching, burning, and irritation, there is a possibility that you have a yeast infection and you should consult a doctor when you see these secretions.


  • Yellow secretions

Yellow discharge is a cause for concern, especially if associated with a foul odor, as it could be a sign of a bacterial infection or sexual contact.


  • Green secretions

Green discharge is one of the types of abnormal vaginal secretions. It is a sign of infection caused by bacteria, or a disease resulting from sexual contact, such as: Trichomoniasis  , and if you are diagnosed with trichomoniasis, your doctor may dispense some antibiotics to treat it.


  • Bloody or brown secretions

Bloody or brownish discharge or pelvic pain may indicate irregular menstrual cycles, but in many cases it may indicate cervical or endometrial cancer.




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When should Require a Visit to the Doctor

There are many times when changes in vaginal discharge may indicate a medical problem that warrants treatment.


It is necessary to see a doctor if any of the following symptoms appear:


  • If the vaginal discharge is green, yellow, or gray
  • If you feel burning sensation.
  • The discharge looks foamy or looks like cottage cheese.
  • A foul odor discharge.
  •  Pelvic pain during discharge .





Tips that help to avoid  Abnormal Vaginal Discharge


After learning about the types of vaginal discharge, here are the most important tips for preventing abnormal discharge:


  • Always flush the area from front to back when using the toilet.
  • Make sure to change your underwear during the day.
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Stay away from tight clothes.