Know difference between Hymen Blood and Period Blood

What is the difference between Hymen Blood and Period Blood

Know about difference between Hymen Blood and Period Blood. The hymen is a membrane that surrounds a woman’s vagina. With an opening that varies in size and shape from one female to another. There are four types of hymens, the normal hymen, which is the most common among females, and the rubber hymen that covers the whole vagina with a small opening in the middle.


The hymen with two holes, and the complete membrane. Which covers the entire vaginal area without any openings at all, and usually requires surgical treatment. Because of its nature that prevents the passage of Period blood.


The hymen is ruptured with the first full sexual intercourse, or severe penetration of it. Which leads to slight pain and bleeding a few drops of blood. However, the hymen breaking off is somewhat different from period blood in several respects.  




Hymen Breaking Blood


First of all, it should be noted that some types of hymens. The way they are penetrated, may not cause bleeding, and one of the most common misconceptions is that every virgin should bleed on her first sexual contact. In fact, there are virgins that do not bleed after the first sexual intercourse, and some women even have parts of the hymen that are removed after the first birth. But a woman can bleed during her first sexual intercourse for several reasons, including:


  • If they are not stimulated to stimulate the vaginal wall to secrete the fatty substance that facilitates penetration of the penis. This causes the vaginal tissues to rupture, which in turn leads to bleeding.
  • When a man is too violent during sex with a female. It causes the tissue inside the woman’s vulva to tear.
  • Because of the inflammatory infection. As some diseases and infections can cause bleeding from intercourse.
  • As a result of the rupture of the hymen. Which can rupture if the girl practices some types of extreme sports.



The difference between Hymen Blood and Period Blood 

  • Period blood tends to be brown in color. while hymen blood is bright red and fresh like blood from wounds.
  • Period blood is accompanied by abdominal cramps and other pains in the lower back and legs. While the bleeding of the hymen only accompanies the moment of its removal. And the pain is similar to a needle prick.
  • The period blood lasts for at least four days and is thick at the beginning and decreases with time. While the hymen blood is a few drops that disappear instantly after a few minutes.
  • Period blood is accompanied by some symptoms such as mood swings, flatulence, and breast pain. While dehydration does not have any symptoms at all




Reasons for Defloration

The hymen is the first sign of a girl’s virginity. And although many societies have associated honor with the existence of this debauchery. The medical facts have made it clear that it is very unfair to the girl. In many cases a girl is born without a hymen. Or she is born with a hymen that cannot be broken during Marriage does not result in drops of blood. Which causes an attack on the honor and chastity of the girl.


One of the important things that must be mentioned are the reasons that lead to the rupture of the hymen before marriage. And in fact, the goal in this proposition may be divided into two parts.

The first section: is to educate the girl about these matters so that she avoids them as much as possible to protect herself. And the other side is to provide awareness to people that Having sex before marriage is not the only way to make a girl lose her virginity. In order to stop the unjust judgment against the girls who have been subjected to this without having any guilt.





The main reasons that lead to Breakage of the Hymen:


Sexual relationship:

It is the well-known method among people. And whether this is within the framework of marriage or outside it. The basic principle is that the man’s penis enters through the opening of the vagina to reach this membrane and tear it.


A girl’s secret Habit:

In addition to the prohibition of this habit and the health and psychological harm it causes. It is also possible for a girl to lose her hymen due to the use of sharp tools and their insertion through the opening of the vulva. which leads to breakage of the hymen.

  • That the girl was exposed to a strong accident or fall from a high height. Such as if she had fallen while riding a bike or riding a horse, and the fall is often on the same area of ​​​​the membrane, causing hernia and tearing.
  • Practicing violent sports or types of dance in which the girl needs to make strong and sudden movements with the legs open. Such as: gymnastics or ballet.
  • When using a showerhead, if the force of the rush of water is too strong, and directed at the film, it can tear.
  • If the girl was raped. That is, she was forced to have a sexual relationship that took place.
  • After identifying these reasons. Thinking about the issue of the hymen must change. Even if it is only a small percentage.
  • Because in many of the cases that we mentioned. The girl is not guilty, and she may be subjected to injustice and accusation. Even though the reasons for breaking the hymen were normal and have nothing to do with the girl’s morals or etiquette.
  • In fact, this matter happens over and over again. But the case is still unfair against the girl, and society is still rushing to judgment without verifying or verifying the matter.
  • Therefore, you find many honor crimes that are committed by the husband, brother or father just because of misunderstanding and not giving the girl the opportunity to defend herself.