What is Colombian Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you will know that one of the best in the world is the Colombian one since. It is highly appreciated for its aroma, flavor, body, texture and also for its different characteristics such as roasting, type of coffee plant and of course; Your place of origin.

So that you can be clear about why Colombian coffee is one of the best and the series of reasons why it owes its popularity. Here are 5 facts that you should know about this precious gastronomic ingredient. That will surely leave you speechless , wanting to taste it for the first time or reaffirming its flavor.


5 Facts you should know about Colombian Coffee


1.- It is not exactly from Colombia

The coffee does not originate from Colombia. But from Ethiopia where the first coffee trees (coffee tree ) were planted in the province of Kaffa. It is said that the Jesuits brought this ingredient to Colombia 300 years ago and in 1835 the first bags produced from this country were exported. Resuming a wide production that currently maintains its due process so that this type of coffee can reach more territories.


2.- Colombia, the world’s largest producer

Colombian coffee is an international benchmark and is the nation with the highest production. The National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) itself has revealed large numbers in which this ingredient stands out from Colombia, millions of bags with coffee beans leave this nation .


3.- UNESCO Heritage

The Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape was declared Cultural Heritage by Unesco in 2011. According to this organization, the coffee region represents the collective action of the FNC since 1927, recognizing the importance of this grain as something exceptional.


4.- Unique characteristics

Authentic Colombian coffee is Arabica, washed and smooth. Which means that:

  • Arabic: it is the variety of the coffee bean.
  • Washing: method with which the grain is treated.
  • Mild: The Arabica variety is a milder coffee with less caffeine than other varieties.


5.- It has its own National Day

National Coffee Day in Colombia is June 27, a special date on the calendar to recognize this ingredient and pays homage to Colombia’s flagship product, to those who produce it and to the organization that represents them; the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC).

To recognize an original product from Colombia, a triangular logo must be met, a seal that guarantees that the content of the package is coffee of 100 percent Colombian origin , produced with the highest standards, and not mixed with others of inferior quality. Now you will know why this ingredient is so popular and is positioned as one of the best.