what is arnica tea good for

What is Arnica Tea Good For?

Hetetotheca inuloides Cass , better known as arnica , is one of the most popular medicinal plants in existence. In some other places also known as: field arnica , mountain arnica, country arnica, etc. It is a type of plant that usually measures 1m and that, in its physical appearance, has hairs on the stems and, in some cases, the green leaves are longer.

It is native to Mexico and usually occurs in types of warm, semi-warm, semi-dry and temperate climates from sea level to 2400m. In some cases it is cultivated in home gardens, associated with deciduous and evergreen tropical forests.


What is arnica tea good for?

According to information from the Digital Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine , some of the best-known benefits are healing, disinfectant and/or analgesic. In some cases it is combined with mullein to directly treat wounds or as an extremely important analgesic in cases of ulcer, stomach or stomach pain, lung (pneumonia), chest, muscle and kidney pain. Precisely because of the gastrointestinal issue, today we want to leave you a special recipe. So that you can take advantage of this drink in your health.


  • Arnica
  • Water


  1. We will put a pot with water on the fire.
  2. We will let it reach the boil .
  3. Add the arnica and leave on the heat for a few minutes.
  4. shutting down and baby

Recommendation : you can drink it hot on an empty stomach or after eating at home for 1 week.