What is a Hollywood Smile?

what is Hollywood Smile?

Many of the general public have recently tended to make a Hollywood smile, as it is the most popular in cosmetic dental procedures (in relation to Hollywood stars because they were the first to wear it) and the desire to obtain attractive teeth, which are lenses that are installed on the teeth to make the teeth white and equal, but this combination Very sensitive, and not suitable for all cases, and the first person who invented it was a dentist from California called (Charles Binks), and he used to present it to Hollywood actors to appear with beautiful teeth in front of the camera, but it was temporary.


What is a Hollywood Smile?

It is a very thin, soft shell made of ceramic or optical fillings that is placed on the tooth to adjust its shape and give it a bright white color within a short period. This crust is characterized by its resistance to decay and non-pigmentation if the doctor’s instructions are followed.

A Hollywood smile is a layer of porcelain veneers for teeth similar to traditional dentures, and it has two types: a fixed Hollywood smile, and a moving one that can be removed at any time.

It is prepared in a laboratory from a thin layer of acetyl resin, which is a chemical substance characterized by its relatively long life and flexibility, which allows it to be installed smoothly around the teeth.


 The most prominent types of dental lenses

The doctor advises using the best types of dental lenses based on the patient’s budget, because cheap lenses may cause many dental problems, and they do not stay with the patient for a long time.

  • Veneers: It is the most used, and it is called a wide range of brands of lenses.
  • Lumineers: It is one of the best types of lenses, the least thick, the most solid, and also the least demanding of the thickness of the cold before the lenses are installed, and it is made of ceramic or optical fillings.

They are easier to break and shorter in life, in short, invest in the best lenses you can get because they will last you a long time.



Steps to get a Hollywood smile

  1. The doctor files as little teeth as possible in order to place veneers, remove cavities, and adjust the edges of the teeth.
  2. Taking an impression of the teeth through a special paste or by using a mouth scan.
  3. The print obtained is sent to the dental laboratory for the manufacture of the crown.
  4. A temporary crown is made to protect the teeth that have been prepared for the permanent crown, and the temporary crown is usually made of acrylic.
  5. Apply lumineers or dental veneers and make sure they match the teeth.


Steps to install a Hollywood smile

A Hollywood smile, or what is known as dental lenses, can be obtained through only two sessions with the dentist. In the first visit, the doctor determines the measurements of the patient’s teeth and photographs them from each side, determines the appropriate type of filling, and then sends these dimensions to the laboratory to prepare the Hollywood smile. During the visit The second one only installs and makes sure that it is stable and consistent with the natural teeth.


Features of a Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile technology has many advantages, including:

  • It does not cause any pain, and does not require general or even local anesthesia for installation.
  • Its installation does not require drilling or carving in the teeth, as in the case of a fixed Hollywood smile.
  • You do not need to use medical tape during the installation process.


 Benefits of a Hollywood smile

  1. Get a beautiful smile like: Hollywood celebrities.
  2. Get a natural and beautiful shape of the teeth.
  3. Also, one of the benefits of a HS is that the teeth remain white for a long period of time, which may reach 10 years or more.
  4. One of the benefits of a Hollywood smile is that the veneers that are placed on the teeth are stain resistant.
  5. These veneers cover all defects in the teeth, such as fractures and others, and make the teeth appear attractive.


Hollywood Smile Damage

  1. The high cost of dental veneers.
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks after the installation of crusts.
  3. If the teeth are not taken care of according to the doctor’s instructions, serious consequences will appear, such as: bad smell of the teeth, and the occurrence of a crack or fracture in the lens as a result of nail biting or others.
  4. Filing a small part of the teeth before veneers are installed may weaken them later.
  5. Lenses cannot be repaired if they are cracked or broken, they must be replaced with a new one.
  6.  The dentist must be chosen very carefully because the wrong installation of the dental lenses leads to a mismatch with the original teeth.


Why is Hollywood Smile resorted to?

Many celebrities and public people resort to getting a Hollywood smile because of the presence of some pigmentation, differences or defects in their teeth that prevent them from appearing with a beautiful smile.


The cost of a Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile costs depend on the following criteria:

  1. The type of dental lenses, the material they are made of, and their quality.
  2. The level of the center in which the operation will be performed and the experience of the doctor supervising the operation.
  3. Services provided by the center before and after the operation.
  4. The condition of the teeth for the patient, and therefore no medical procedures are performed except after treating any dental problems such as caries, fractures, etc.
  5. But in general, the cost of lenses for making a Hollywood smile in USA, Turkey and Lebanon starts at $750.
  6. As for the Arab countries, such as: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc., and Europe, it starts from 1000 dollars to 2500 dollars.
  7. The cost may increase in the case of using Lumineers lenses, up to 4000 dollars.


Important tips about a Hollywood smile

You must follow all doctor’s instructions such as:

  1. Use a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash.
  2. Do not drink too much tea and coffee.
  3. You must know the consequences after applying these crusts.
  4. Nails should not be bitten.