What Causes Vaginal Ulcers?


Vaginal ulcers are infections and friction sores that occur in and around the vagina. These sores are often very painful itchy and pus-producing, and are sometimes completely silent and without any symptoms. These bumps or ulcers often occur without clear causes, and sometimes they are symptoms of skin diseases. While they are a symptom of sexual diseases.



Vaginal ulcers Associated with Venereal Diseases

They are painful ulcers in most cases and highly contagious. It may be one or more ulcers, and the shape and nature of the ulcers is one of the methods of diagnosing the disease.  Vaginal ulcers that are associated with venereal diseases include:


1. Genital Herpes Virus:

The herpes virus is a silent disease in 90% of cases. It is not accompanied by symptoms. But the presence of pustules characteristic of it in and around the vagina is one of its distinctive symptoms. The herpes virus is characterized by the fact that infection with it is considered a chronic infection. As the virus remains dormant in the body for life with Having periods of activity. During periods of activity, intimacy should be avoided altogether at times. When it is dangerous to have intercourse.




2. Chancroid Soft Ulcers:

It occurs as a result of a bacterial infection. It causes painful ulcers. But it is easy to treat with antibiotics. Where improvement begins after 3 days of starting treatment. The ulcers heal completely within 7 days. 3. Granuloma inguinale. It is also a bacterial infection that causes hemorrhagic ulcers and is treated with antibiotics. But it often recurs within 6 to 18 months of healing.



4. Syphilis:

It is a disease caused by a bacterial infection as well. It is treated with intravenous penicillin for varying periods. According to the degree of infection and the disease is re-examined after 6-12 months. To ensure complete recovery.




5. Genital Warts:

They are pustules caused by a viral infection, and this infection is often silent. If the pustules appear, they often heal within a year of infection, and surgical intervention may be required to remove them. How can vaginal ulcers caused by a genital infection be prevented? Completely abstain from intimacy until the ulcers are treated, or condoms are used. The husband must also be examined and treated. If it is also proven that he has the disease. Second: Ulcers caused by skin diseases




6. Non-infectious ulcers of NSAGU:

They are ulcers caused by certain conditions such as Crohn’s disease, vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalances. They are often painful sores covered with a white or gray layer. These are often preceded by the appearance of flu-like symptoms. 7 signs of hormonal imbalance in your body. These ulcers usually heal within two weeks. The patient does not need to treat more than pain relievers, or sometimes treatment with cortisone.



7. Contact Dermatitis:

It is an infection that results from the use of a specific type of soap, or washing powder. It is a disease that is easy to avoid by avoiding the use of the substance that causes inflammation.



8. Varicose veins:

Varicose veins occur in the vaginal area in the same way that they occur in the legs. Causing varicose ulcers sometimes, and cold compresses are used. To improve the sensation of pain, and exercise. Such as swimming helps improve blood circulation in the pelvic area.



My dear, vaginal ulcers have different causes. So you must resort to a doctor to diagnose the cause and treat it fully and appropriately. Leaving these ulcers without proper treatment may cause them to turn into cancerous foci in the future. You must be careful in practicing intimacy in all cases.