Know about Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Period

What are Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Period

One of the most important symptoms of pregnancy is the absence of a period, but some women may notice early symptoms before their due date. What are the symptoms of pre-menstrual pregnancy?


Pregnancy symptoms before period
Find out the most important information about pregnancy symptoms before your period in the following article:



Pregnancy symptoms before period

There are many symptoms of pregnancy that appear different from one woman to another, here are the most common early pregnancy symptoms among women:



1. Implantation Bleeding

It usually occurs 10-14 days after conception or a week before your next period, is much lighter than your period and lasts 1-3 days.



2. Breast pain

A pregnant woman may feel heaviness, slight tingling, or pain in the breast , due to the high level of progesterone during this period.



3. Frequent need to urinate

This symptom usually begins after 14 days of pregnancy, and it may occur as a result of a rise in the hormone progesterone, so the woman feels compelled to go to the bathroom more than usual.



4. Nausea

Some women may experience nausea a few days after conception due to the high pregnancy hormone, but this symptom often appears strongly after 4-6 weeks of pregnancy.



5. Changes in the area around the nipple

It is one of the symptoms of pre-menstrual pregnancy, which occurs 7-14 days after conception, as this area becomes darker and forms a halo around the nipple , and after women notice the appearance of small bumps in it.



6. Fatigue

A pregnant woman may feel very tired at the beginning of her pregnancy, as a result of the rise in the hormone progesterone, but this symptom usually improves in the second stage of pregnancy.



7. Changes in appetite

Some women at the beginning of pregnancy may feel very hungry or craving certain foods, in return some of them may feel unusually aversion to food.



8. Mood changes

This happens in some women throughout pregnancy due to hormonal changes during this period.



9. Dizziness and headache

A common early pregnancy symptom that occurs as a result of increased blood volume and hormonal changes.


10 Feeling a metallic taste in the mouth

Women feel a metallic taste during the day or when eating certain foods. The feeling of a metallic taste in the mouth may be a symptom of pregnancy before the period.



11. Contractions

Cramps may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy if the contractions are severe or concentrated in one part, so it is advised in this case to consult a doctor immediately.




Can a pregnancy test be done before your period is due?

There are some pregnancy tests that are very sensitive and can detect pregnancy up to 8 days after it occurs, before your next period is due.

However, it is usually recommended that you take a pregnancy test one day after you have missed your period.




Can pregnancy symptoms appear without becoming pregnant?

Yes, some women may notice the appearance of pregnancy symptoms before their period and think that they are pregnant, but some tests show the opposite, due to several reasons, the most important of which are:



1. Chemical pregnancy

Where a woman loses pregnancy at a very early stage, the result of a positive pregnancy test appears in a blood test or home examination, while pregnancy does not appear when it is examined by an ultrasound.



2. Disease

The flu or another infection can cause early pregnancy-like symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue and muscle aches.



3. Notice more physical symptoms

Some women become very observant of any naturally occurring physical changes, such as tingling and some aches and pains.


4. Worrying about pregnancy

Worrying about pregnancy, whether the desire to occur or the desire to avoid it, may lead to mood changes before the period, so the woman thinks that these mood swings are one of the signs of her pregnancy.