The 13 Different Types of Vaginas: A Complete Guide

13 different types of vaginas

If penis types can vary, so types of vaginas can also. The female anatomy is characterised by a significant diversity of sizes, shapes and colours. Small, large, tight or wide, each woman is unique, and so are her private parts. Discover in this article the 13 types of vagina that exist in the world.


The 13 different types of vagina

1) Mrs. Barbie

2) Mrs. Chubby

3) Mrs curtains

4) Mrs. Tulip

5) Mrs. horseshoe

1) Asymmetrical lips

2) The visible inner lips

3) The inner lips that stand out

4) Curved outer lips

5) Prominent outer lips

6) Long and loose outer lips

7) Open and small lips

8) Small but closed lips


There are many shapes of penises, and the same goes for the vagina. However, the measurements of the vagina are still a taboo subject, although crucial in terms of female sexuality. The reason is that the female anatomy is more complex, and therefore needs to be better understood in order to better understand female pleasure.


The 13 Different Types of Vaginas

There are 5 types of vaginas:

1) Mrs. Barbie

This form of vagina is the most appreciated in the collective imagination but it is also the rarest. Widely promoted in the media and in adult films, the outer lips are exactly the same size and cover the inner lips.


2) Ms. Chubby

The Madame Joufflue is very similar to the Madame Barbie, with a few exceptions. Unlike the former, this form of vagina is characterised by lower labia, hanging from the pelvic girdle.


3) Curtain lady

Mrs. Curtains is characterised by small lips that slightly exceed the large ones. This is the most popular form of vagina.


4) Ms. Tulip

Like Mrs. Curtains, Mrs. Tulip has small lips that protrude, but this time, very slightly. This is where she gets her name from, as the shape of this vagina strongly resembles a flower.


5) Horseshoe lady 

Mrs. Horseshoe is the most common form of vagina. Women with this shape of vagina have the outer and lower lips hanging downwards and touching each other in a circle.


These different vagina shapes can in turn be divided into 8 types of vaginal lips:


1) Asymmetrical labia

Contrary to popular belief, the vaginal lips are not equal and symmetrical. In some women, this asymmetry is even more pronounced.


2) Visible inner lips

Sometimes, the labia can be slightly larger than the upper lips. While some women are uncomfortable with this shape, it does not affect their sexuality. For good reason, each vagina is different, it is simply a matter of knowing this highly erogenous organ well.


3) The inner lips that stand out 

While some women have slightly visible inner lips, others have small labia that stand out and may even protrude beyond the larger ones. Again, this is part of the diversity of the human anatomy and does not change the pleasure during sex.


4) Curved outer lips

Tulip-shaped vaginas are the most common type of labia. They form a curve that looks like a flower.


5) Prominent outer lips

Some women have outer labia that hide the entire lower labia.


6) Long and loose outer lips

In many women, the upper lips can be long and loose. They protrude downwards and hide the clitoris and the lower labia.


7) Small, open labia

This is a relatively rare form. Sometimes, the labia are small but open and allow a glimpse of the lower lips.


8) Small but closed labia

Unlike the open labia, these completely hide the inside of the vagina and are particularly tight.


If there are several shapes of vagina in nature, you can now dress them up with this new unusual trend!