What is a Russian massage?

How Russian Massage Procedure Work?

There are many types, subspecies and varieties of massage techniques. But today I would like to talk about one type of massage. The name of which warms the soul, perhaps, of any Russian citizen this is a Russian massage. Let’s look at this option of massage therapy in more detail. In the form of questions and answers.




How Exactly does the Russian Massage Procedure Work?

The methods of performing Russian massage by domestic specialists may vary. Depending on the experience and qualifications of the massage therapist. The massage methods divided into four techniques : stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration.


Russian massage includes a number of motor influences. Which are rare in the performance of other massage techniques. These methods target unused areas of the body in a massage and are similar to valence practices in yoga.


The most pronounced technique in Russian massage is the slapping technique known as “percussion”. This is a very active shock effect on the tissues, which can weaken muscle adhesions.


Russian massage, like most other types of massage, is suitable for performing both on folding massage tables and on stationary ones. Which are mainly placed in beauty salons, medical centers, although more and more users are paying attention to such models as suitable for home use.


The main thing is to ensure that the weight of a person on the table does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended.However, almost all modern massage tables can withstand a dynamic load of at least 205 kg. Which means that the patient’s weight can exceed 100 kg.


For patients with a significant excess weight. There are special massage tables with a reinforced structure.For example, a three-section massage table US Medica Tokyo – or stationary massage tables. some of which are able to withstand an impressive load of several hundred kilograms, which in practice, of course, is very, very rare.


Needless to say, when performing Russian massage, as well as any other type of massage effect. You should always ask the patient about possible contraindications. This will help to choose the right strategy for influencing the body, unless, of course. We are talking about cases where any type of massage is contraindicated for the patient.



Russian Massage and its application in massage chairs

Among the four main systems of the world art of massage, the Russian school stands out for its versatility and variety of treatment methods. The traditions and techniques of national healing. which originated once in Ancient Russia, are as relevant today as they were many millennia ago.

Recovery in Russian fills the body with pleasant languor, gives a person physical strength. Pleases the soul and charges with positive.Slavic massage as a holistic doctrine in domestic medicine was formed in the 19th century based on the rich experience.

Most ancient methods of “medical art” used in feudal Russia. The centuries-old chronicle of the Russian medical craft keeps countless evidence of healing the sick and wounded with the help of various herbs. Horsetailing or massaging with brooms in baths, bone-dressing and other means from the arsenal of healers and healers-leechists.

Back in the 11th century, the monk Nestor described the miraculous possibilities of the Russian bath. In which they used coronal massage to knead the muscles and rub the joints. In the 12th century.

The granddaughter of Monomakh and the daughter of Mstislav, popularly called Dobrodeya for the good deeds, wrote the first medical treatise “Ointments” indicating the importance of massage treatment for diseases of the stomach and heart.

In the 16th century, arthritis, myositis and colds were treated by massaging with hot bags of buckwheat, and the skin was cleansed by energetic massaging of the body with bast washcloths. Which became the same attributes of bath procedures as steamed birch or oak brooms.




Original features of  massage

The founder of sports medicine and physical therapy in Russia I. Sarkizov-Serazini, the great doctors S. Botkin and V. Bekhterev glorified Russian massage and made an invaluable contribution to the development of the national school of manual therapy.


The main difference between the Russian system lies in the rich variety of kneading and other methods of influence, which are not limited to fascia and joints.


Dosed and more subtle penetration into the tissues of the muscles, nervous and vascular systems allows the master to rationally perform replacements of equivalent techniques during the procedure.


Thus, the massage therapist has the opportunity, with reasonable performance and combination of all manipulations without visible pauses in treatment, to achieve more productive results.


Russian massage techniques combine various elements of sliding, rubbing, kneading, stretching, stroking and weak vibrations. The session is carried out exclusively with hands: the massage specialist uses only his phalanges and fingertips, clenched fists, open palms and their lateral surfaces, as well as elbow bends.


Measured and consistent techniques with different pressure force and speed are carried out in the direction of blood and lymph flow from the hands to the shoulder joints, from the sacrum along the back to the neck, from the feet through the calf muscles to the pelvis.




Russian Therapy in Massage Chairs

Combinations of the Russian system are included in most of the basic programs that manufacturers of health equipment equip with massage chairs of the latest modifications. Invariably, they also use hardware vibration massage in several variations of intensity and frequency.

The methodology of which was first developed by Soviet scientists back in 1960 for the rehabilitation of Soviet cosmonauts. Massage roller tools in modern design have a specific shape of a mechanical hand, covered with a soft and plastic material.

To complete the similarities, the roller devices are equipped with thermal sensors, so that the user enjoys the warm, delicate and virtuoso “live” touches of a highly intelligent masseur robot.This is how calming and stroking movements.

All kinds of circular and longitudinal kneading, light and smooth sliding along the spine, dynamic rubbing of the muscles are reproduced. Due to the presence of air chambers of different sizes and contours in the design. The innovative massager implements manual practices with the “palm”, including stroking techniques and stretching techniques.

In addition, air massage is combined with pressure therapy, which cannot be performed by human hands. The combination of the therapeutic effects of Russian. Eastern and Swedish systems in one device with innovative additions to hardware treatment using 3D and Zero-G technologies.


Make up the fantastic potential of massage chairs. Such as the unique electronic “doctor” National EC-610 EVOLUTION.The Vibrosound anti-stress complex has become a new achievement of domestic design engineers in the field of healthcare .


The physiotherapy chair acts as an audio-visual-vibrotactile stimulator and affects the user through vibrations, visual images and musical accompaniment. A wellness session is accompanied by a range of unforgettably pleasant experiences, helps to relieve psychophysical stress, increases efficiency and stimulates creative reserves.





The Effectiveness of Russian Massage

Deep study and tissue reflexology, characteristic of the Russian school of massage, is used for complex detoxification of the body. The enhanced and multifaceted effect strengthens the muscular skeleton. While eliminating rheumatic pains and stabilizing the spinal column.

Regular procedures restore the functionality of the respiratory and nervous systems, normalize blood circulation. Strengthen the immune defenses of a person, relieve fatigue and resist stress.

Like all types of therapeutic massage, Russian therapy has some limitations in indications. Pregnancy, skin, tumor and fungal diseases, infectious and inflammatory pathologies, mental illnesses, diseases of blood vessels and lymph nodes.

However, in most cases, therapists recommend massage procedures to patients as a general tonic and prophylactic to maintain a healthy tone. If there are no serious deviations.

Thanks to Russian massage, migraines and depression, insomnia and injuries are cured. The processes of natural cleansing of internal systems from toxins and an excess of intercellular fluid are activated.

As a result of which weight is reduced, and the silhouette acquires elegant forms. The skin regenerating effect provides a long-lasting rejuvenating effect and visibly reduces the symptoms of cellulite.

Massage in Russian in the interpretation of massage chairs is an opportunity to join the traditions of ancestors. Who knew the ways of safe and reliable treatment of many ailments.

Acquaintance with the secrets of ancient Slavic practices through modern technologies of physiotherapy will fill your body with good health and give you fresh strength to conquer new heights of life.





Different ways to Perform Massage


Massage has been known since ancient times, its existence dates back several millennia. To talk about this topic, you need to know what is actually meant by massage. Massage is a mechanical effect on parts of the body.

While there is an improvement in blood and lymph flow, as a result, regeneration processes in human tissues are improved. In addition, many positive processes take place in the body that normalize blood pressure, pain sensations become dull or disappear, excess weight decreases, general condition improves, and, accordingly, mood rises.

Today, there are many different ways to perform massage, Thai, Indian, Balinese, Swedish, Oriental (Chinese), Japanese techniques stand out.

However, it can be said in the affirmative that traditional Russian massage is in no way inferior, and in many cases even superior, to today’s fashionable Balinese and Thai massage.


Thai Massage


The Thai massage technique involves methods of pressing on soft tissues, as well as peculiar manipulations with sensitive points of the body, to which the massage therapist applies a certain force. This massage is characterized by a wide variety of positions.

However, in Thai massage, unlike our Russian, no attention is paid to the muscles, the main emphasis is on the impact on the main energy channels, with the help of pressure, twisting, stretching, and other movements. Russian massage is universal, it pays attention to both muscles and nerve endings, it is considered an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis and relieving tension of all types of muscles.

With this type of massage, specialists always use various ointments, infusions made from useful medicinal plants, as well as natural products, such as, for example, linden honey.

Traditionally, a folding massage table is considered one of the most necessary types of equipment for performing therapeutic and preventive massages. Comfortable couch, consisting of a six-support base, a removable headrest, a bed, a pair of armrests. All parts of the table are perfectly adjustable, equipped with handle-lock kits, fixing nuts and covers.

Such tables have a comfortable soft base, made of modern materials. They can be folded and put away in a specially designed case. On such tables, it is convenient to perform all types of massage, comfort, as you know, always predisposes to a faster recovery, such equipment can be used to successfully carry out rehabilitation procedures after various operations, traumatic complications, etc.



Russian massage

Speaking about Russian massage. It is worth noting that this is an exclusively manual type of massage. The technique was developed by Russian doctors and scientists. Many methods of execution were taken from old recipes. The main goal of traditional Russian massage is not only to strengthen the muscles.

But also to restore the respiratory, immune and nervous systems, eliminate stress and fatigue, correct the figure, cure cellulite and much more. There are a lot of techniques for this massage. As an example, you can specify stretching and kneading, sliding and stroking, rubbing, massaging vibrations of different speeds.

Usually, the specialist uses the palms, fingers, ribs of the palms, fists and elbows in this massage. For each person, individual techniques and methods of this massage are used for the duration of time.

You can use this massage at home, but for the convenience of the procedures, you need special equipment. To make it convenient to fit the table into a small space of the room, buy a folding massage table.

It does not take up much space. At the moment, you can buy a table of this or another modification either in specialized stores or via the Internet, the prices are quite reasonable.