Pink Manicure colors

Pink Manicure

In the year 2020, and as Eid approaches, shine with a distinctive pink manicure color with different designs, which discover health tips collected for you in an album, so that you can choose the shade and design that suits you.


Pink Manicure:

Pink is one of the popular colors this year, as it is cold, calm and gradient between the colors of nude and pink, below you will find different stylesfor manicure Pink you can follow in the summer of 2020:


French Pink:

French pink fashion mixed with white or nude is one of the styles that girls like most this year, as it matches most colors of clothes, and gives the hand a soft and elegant feminine look, so if you are a fan of French style, we advise you to try pink French this Eid for a modern and beautiful look.


Ornate pink:

If you are a fan of the ornate pink style, then this style definitely suits you, and you can follow it, by applying a layer of pink luminaries to the degree you want, and then adding the inscription or decoration you want, such as flowers, lines, or shapes. In the album above, you will find different designs for this style, which you can review and choose the style that suits your nails.


Gradient pink:

The fashion for different shades of color is back in the world manicure. This year, nail polish in different colors has become popular or even by choosing one color in different shades and applying it to the nails for a modern and elegant look for the nails. You can also introduce pastel colors to pink for a new and modern style for your nails.


Pink with a shimmery tint:

You can paint your nails pink and then choose two nails to paint them in silver or shiny gold for luxurious nails that are suitable for parties and events. Browse the album above, and you will find different and varied styles for this type of musicmanicureto shine with it.



Trimming short nails becomes easier than long nails, as it requires much shorter effort and time than long nails, which are difficult to trim and apply the appropriate manicure to. Manicure for short nails In the summer, quickly to a number of tips and steps that make her look very elegant, coordinated and beautiful.


Pink Manicure tips for short nails

When applying a manicure for short nails, you must first peel and remove the thin dead skin layer that is on the lower edge of the nail for cleaning and Nail peeling And it must be removed with caution so as not to cause wounds in the nails. You can rely on a transparent manicure, as it will mean an elegant, gentle, smooth look for your short nails. When choosing a manicure for short nails, it must depend on the color of the skin, while it suits the color of the white skin, not suitable for the dark, and vice versa.

Nail careLike skin care, so you have to start while taking care of your nails to start with a thorough cleaning, so you have to wash your hands and nails well before starting the process of applying manicure with short nails, and it is important to remove any residue of nail polish using a suitable nail polish remover.



How to apply manicure for short nails

File your short nails first, although your nails are short but they need to be cold in order to give them an aesthetic shape, and an even shape where you have to put a smooth finish, and try to give them a round shape, instead of trimming straight.

If you are using a file, do not move it back and forth on the tip of the nail like a saw. This will create a frayed and uneven edge, which is the last thing you want. File the nail in the same direction using long strokes.

After the cold process comes the moisturizing step. Apply a moisturizing hand cream, then apply a cuticle oil to the edges of your nails. Then leave the moisturizer and oil for a few minutes to be absorbed by the hands.

Putting your hands in warm, soapy water for five minutes, after the cold and moisturizing process. It helps you absorb skin oil, then dry your hands with a clean towel, and polish your nails with a nail buffer, ensuring that they are completely dry, and help the paint stick better.

You should use a cuticle stick to push back the excess cuticles, which will make your nails appear neat for a longer period. The cuticle must not be cut at all, as it is necessary to protect your nails from infection. It is also possible to use a cuticle stick to clean any dirt around and under your nails.



Choose a short nail polish

The manicure application process begins with choosing the color of the polish. Any color can look good on short nails, but the color that is chosen must depend on the color of the skin and the appearance that you are trying to achieve. If you have light skin, try painting your nails in dark red and purple colors, because the contrast It will make your nails more noticeable when you see them, and the bright pink and orange colors look great with darker skin.

And if you are in the event that your short nails appear longer, you should adhere to dull color tones, and then choose a color that is one degree lighter than your natural skin color, and it is important before applying the color, apply a transparent base layer, this helps to make the manicure look softer and last last longer, and it also prevents colored polish from staining your nails.

The base coat dries, paint your nails with the color you want, and keep the first coat nice and thin, this helps it dry faster, apply a second coat with the same technique, this helps the color stand out, then apply a clear top coat to seal the color, and make sure to brush Along the top of the nails, this will prevent the polish from cracking, and if there is excess polish on the edges of your nails and fingertips, clean it off carefully.