Best orange oil benefits for skin

Orange Oil Benefits for Skin

Orange oil is  pull from sweet orange peel. This is done in a way called cold processing. It uses pressure to squeeze the oil out of the shell. Sometimes, the leaves and flowers of the orange tree can also be used. What are the orange oil benefits for skin?

How to use oil on skin?

  • You can add a few drops of oil to your moisturiser, serum, or lotion.
  • You can apply orange oil to the skin by reducing it with any carrier oil.
  • Make a dye face mask using orange oil to enhance the health of your skin.
  • You can also mix the oil in a hot bath or add it to your body wash.
  • To clean your skin you can used mixed orange oil with raw sugar.
  • For hydrating lip balm, the oil can be mixed with Shea butter..
  • You can make homemade facial toner with orange oil.

Why Orange oil is used ?

The orange essential oil has different uses. Application may include:

  • Raise your mood or reduce your stress.
  • Treat skin conditions such as acne.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation.
  • It save to stomach upset
  • Add a pleasant scent to the room or to products such as perfumes and cleaners.
  • Taste a variety of foods and beverages.

Orange oil benefits 

  • Anti-fungal:

The orange essential oil has anti-fungal properties that can prevent common diseases such as athlete’s foot and yeast infections.

  • Antibacterial:

Orange essential oils are one of the most powerful antibacterial drugs on the planet. This is because they contain high levels of limonene, which can kill bacteria.

  • Anti-Inflammatory:

Orange essential oils are anti-inflammatory which can improve the appearance of redness on the skin. This oil is great for acne. Orange oil is caused by an infection of the hair follicles.

  • Improves Sleep:

The orange oil has used in sleep studies and the results show that it improves sleep time.

Benefits of orange oil for the skin


The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of orange essential oil help to effectively treat acne and pimples. It is highly recommended to use orange oil. It help skin irritation as a small amount of oil naturally soothes red, painful skin breakouts.


By enhancing the properties of orange oil, it acts as a tonic. This is especially important in sebum production. Excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands leads to oily skin and oily scalp. Orange oil helps to reduce excess sebum secretion and maintains your skin’s natural oil balance.


The use of sweet orange oil is extremely beneficial for skin colour as it is a rich source of Vitamin C. it works as a natural remedy for blemishes, and dark spots so you can get clean and smooth skin without the use of chemical compounds.  With continued use, you will notice that your dark spots and blemishes gradually fade away, improving the overall texture of your skin.


Orange essential oil is probably one of the most effective treatments when it comes to treating premature skin ageing symptoms. With age, your skin tends to lose its elasticity which makes way for wrinkles and fine lines. The abundance of antioxidant compounds in orange oil prevents and reduces the symptoms of ageing by fighting free radicals and increasing collagen production.


Massaging your skin with a dilute sweet orange oil helps to boost blood flow. Proper blood circulation provides your skin cells with essential nutrients that keep them active and healthy. As a result, your skin will feel younger and fresher for longer.


Large open pores on your face are a sign of unhealthy skin and can lead to various skin problems such as blackheads and acne. There are many home remedies to reduce enlarged pores but very few provide long-term results. The properties of orange essential oil naturally help to shrink your skin pores and restore your skin’s elasticity. For more related  information  visit Discover health tips