Nail Shape Chart for Your Finger

Nail Shape Chart and art design for girls

The beauty of the nails is one of the important things that distinguish women, and the use of a nail file in nail cosmetic procedures is a necessary and indispensable step. There are many forms of filing nails, as they may be between oval, round, almond, square, or other shapes. In the following, “Al-Jamila” presents to you the forms of filing nails , in addition to the correct and important steps that you must follow to ensure that your nails are filed properly.


Different Nail Shape Chart 

Choosing the right shape for your nails is one of the important things, and according to the shape of the fingers, you can choose the perfect nail shape, to give your fingers a wonderful and appropriate look.


Nail Shape Chart and Design



Almond nail shape

This shape will give your nails a longer shape, but it is not practical as it is easy to break the nail. You can get it by keeping a wide base and then rounding the edges towards the top of your finger, making sure that the narrowest part of your tip line lines up exactly with the center of your nail.


Square nail shape

Choose this shape if you are looking for a practical shape, as it is suitable for long hours of work on the computer because it is easy to maintain. You can get this look by keeping the sides of the nail straight and vertical.


Oval nail shape

The oval nail shape looks very flattering, especially for those with short fingers and wide nails. Oval nails have straight sides, but the top has a curved shape, with rounded edges towards the tips. This shape will give your fingers a longer and more slender appearance.


Round nail shape

Round nails look absolutely gorgeous, especially on those who have long fingers and large hands. Nor does it need permanent and continuous care of it; Which makes it a good choice for girls who work with their hands a lot and need to keep their nails short.


Lipstick nail shape

This shape is considered one of the latest trends in the world of nails, the nail looks like the shape of a lipstick pen. This shape will elongate your fingers, but it is not an ideal shape for anyone who uses their hands a lot.


Pointed nail shape

This shape needs long nails to show its shape well, rounded from the side straight, but it is easy to break because it is pointed.


The shape of the coffin nails

Coffin nails are considered one of the most feminine and soft shapes. They are square nails, but with rounded edges, their implementation is easy and practical, and they are also suitable for the feet.


Scoval Nail shape

This shape has square pointed ends, you can get it through the edges of the nail towards the center, followed by raising the ends, but it is not practical for daily looks, and it is not suitable for weak nails, and it is preferable to obtain it in short nails because they are less likely to break.


Triangle Nail Shape

Beautiful nails always give us a distinctive aesthetic shape, and girls often tend to adopt the shape of triangular nails or known as almond nails, as they give the hand a longer appearance, and suit the shape of the hand, whatever it is, and it is often recommended for boys with short fingers, and here is how to file nails in a triangle shape.


How do I file my nails in a triangle nail shape?

  • Place the file at a slightly oblique angle on both sides
  • In order to get this slightly sharp shape of the nails on both sides
  • If you want a more severe shape of the nails, place the file at a more vertical angle on both sides
  • Start filing the nails from the starting point of the nail, if not that The point is parallel on both sides, especially since this happens on the thumb finger. Select a point so that it is parallel to the point of the other side
  • Start filing the nails slightly obliquely, and in one direction starting from the specified point to the end of the nails
  • It will look like you are walking in an oblique line, in Both sides
  • Then file the nails from the bottom with the same diagonal line
  • Use the sponge file to clean the nails after filing
  • Use the file again to re-trim the shape of the nails, specifically the front part, until you finally get the appearance of triangular nails.
  • You can apply some moisturizers or oils to keep your nails looking unique.