Mini Crib vs Crib: which one is better for baby

Mini Crib vs Crib : Where Baby Sleep Better?

The big day is coming when our baby will come into the world. And if there is something that is essential, it is without a doubt the place where she will sleep. But, of course, before we have to know what type of  crib  will be the most practical. Or maybe a  mini crib . We can even opt for a  bassinet . Any of the three is a good option. But this choice will have to be made based on our needs and our lifestyle. We tell you!

Surely all new mothers and fathers have wondered before their child was born what a  bassinet  means or why there are different types of cribs. And it is a very normal question. Since although all these accessories fulfill the same purpose. They have differences that make them fulfill different tasks. Crib, mini-cradle or bassinet? If you have any doubts about what is best for you, keep reading.


Difference b/w Mini Crib vs Crib ( cradle, bassinet)


The main and basic difference is, of course, the size. Depending on how big the crib is. We can call it one way or another, although the  bassinet  can incorporate basic differences. Regarding the measurements, here are the differences:

  1. The bassinet is usually a carrycot that can sometimes incorporate handles. It can be placed on wooden or iron legs. It can simply be a small carrycot where the child will be comfortable when he is younger. Its size can be about 80×40 centimeters, and its approximate height is 25 centimeters for the carrycot.
  2. The  cradle  is the intermediate model. It may be similar to a bassinet and have wheels and stand on a frame with legs, or it may be more like a crib. Its size is somewhat larger, around 50×80 centimeters, with a height from the inside of the crib to the walls that is usually 30 centimeters.

  3. The  crib , which is the best-known model, is usually larger and more versatile. Its shape is almost always rectangular and the measurements are freer, although larger. They come in various sizes, and it is common to find models that are 60×120 centimeters, 70×40 centimeters or even 130×80.

The choice between one model or another will be based on size. But the space in our house, the age of our baby and also the type of rest. We want to offer will greatly influence it. For example, normal cribs will do until she sleeps in her bed, of course. But perhaps for the first months they are not the best option. So you have to know when is the right time to opt for a  cradle , a  mini  cradle or a  bassinet.



How to choose between bassinet, mini-cradle or cradle?

There is a detail that is impossible to avoid. The bassinet is the most comfortable sleeping accessory for babies if we have little space. And it is also ideal for transporting the baby in the first weeks. We can have it in the room or in the living room, and even transport it as it is foldable . It’s great for the first few weeks. But it also has a very short shelf life of just a few weeks.

Mini cribs  are  the intermediate model in every way. They are still smaller in size, but it allows them to be used for much longer. The problem is usually that we cannot separate the carrycot from the legs. So it makes mobility a bit difficult for us, although it is possible to take it between different rooms. Sometimes the option to be more durable but still be able to move it between rooms makes many parents stick with this option. There are folding mini-cribs as well .

And what about the crib ? Basically, it is the most durable option, because it will serve us for a long time, until the child sleeps in the bed. They are large, so they have plenty of space so that the baby can move without problems inside it. The problem with cribs is that in the first six months of our baby’s life they may not feel comfortable in a space as large as the crib. Children, in their first weeks, prefer a more intimate place, since they are used to the mother’s womb.

It is not known at what point a child may be crib -preferring or uncomfortable in a  mini -crib . But it is usually, at the earliest, at four months. Is it possible to use the crib from the first day?  Yes, but with reservations. Since the ideal would be to have a  mini- crib  or a  bassinet  in the first days and weeks, and then change the crib.

So, you know, when deciding between a  mini crib vs crib or bassinet  , the most important thing is whether you have space and when you want your child to occupy the large space of the crib.