Best Time to Take Isabgol for Weight Loss

how to take isabgol for weight loss

Isabgol helps you to feel full for a long time, thus preventing unwanted food cravings. Mixing isabgol powder with water and lemon juice and using it on an empty stomach in the morning helps in weight loss.

Can we lose weight with isabgol?

Isabgol is also known as psyllium husk. It is a dietary fiber that helps to increase bowel movements and promote diarrhea. It is one of the most used home remedies for constipation. Isabgol is good for weight loss, it gives a feeling of fullness and helps prevent overeating.

Benefits of Isabgol

Isabgol has many health benefits, including:

  • Relief in Constipation

Isabgol has hygroscopic properties, which help the digestive system to absorb more water. The fiber which is present in isabgol is excellent for relieving constipation. Drink two tablespoons of isabgol milk at night, it relieves constipation and other stomach problems.

  • Reduces Blood Sugar

Isabgol helps to control your blood sugar levels. Because it inhibits the absorption of glucose. In addition, gelatin helps lower your blood sugar.

  • Controls cholesterol

Isabgol binds to the bile acids that can help lower LDL cholesterol levels. It can also help to raise HDL cholesterol levels.

  • Aid Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Isabgol is also beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome. Its use is also helpful for many people to regulate bowel movements and avoid painful stools.

  • Keeps the heart-healthy

Isabgol help to keep your heart healthy. In addition, it strengthens the heart muscles and controls blood pressure.

  • Helps in Weight loss

In addition to all benefits, isabgol is also beneficial in weight loss. To lose weight is 1 or 2 tablespoons of isabgol powder with one glass of water and drink it. You can also mix isabgol with water and lemon juice. It also helps to prevent overeating.

The recommended dosage of Isabgol




        Isabgol Powder You can take 1-2 tablespoons of isabgol powder with more water before the meal.

2 Times


1-2 capsules of isabgol can be taken with more water before a meal.

2 Times

Is taking isabgol harmful?

There is no evidence that daily use of isabgol is harmful. Isabgol has many health benefits, including normalizing bowel function and preventing constipation.

Tips to consume Isabgol

  • With milk or juice:

You can eat two teaspoons of isabgol in one glass of water, juice, and smoothie.

  • With Curd:

You can take two tablespoons of isabgol in one bowl of curd.

  • With hot water:

You can also take two tablespoons of isabgol with one glass of hot water. Discover health tips has many articles related to  this topic.