Is cow’s Milk good for dogs?

With the high rate of stray cats and dogs   , we all break our hearts when we find those poor cat or dog puppies , which we grab with our jacket and take them home so they can sleep warmly and without being exposed to the dangers of the street or the open air, even if later we have to find them a house. 

But it doesn’t take long, when we suddenly realize that we have to feed them and if they still don’t have enough teeth , they most likely won’t fully accept the croquettes, so many of us would proceed to give them a little bit of food. cow’s milk, but is this really healthy?


According to the opinion of some animal experts , this is not exactly the best idea, because it could have bad consequences, which would cause somewhat serious health problems for puppies, which although they do not kill them, do not make them stronger either. , since unfortunately the nutrients are not the same as those they get from their mother’s milk.

Why is it not good to give cow’s milk to puppies or kittens?

When there are puppies at home, it is always best to let them feed from their mother for 2 or 3 months, because her milk has more nutrients than cow’s milk. However, when they’re out on the street or don’t have a mom, well, there’s not much to do. If you are going to give them milk, the veterinarians assure that it should be in a small amount, otherwise, this could cause digestive problems or constipation.


According to the Clinic, cow’s milk is poorer in nutrients than that of a dog or cat, so it is not recommended to give it to puppies, so they recommend purchasing a special formula for the puppy to eat. take it and it tastes as similar as possible to the one you should be taking and also absorbs the necessary nutrients for its development.

Formulated dog milk usually comes in powder form and must be mixed with warm water, which is around 37ºC. This is especially recommended for puppies that were separated from their mother at a very young age or that do not yet have teeth to eat dog or cat food.