How to Trim Nails?

how to trim nails

It is a solid substance that covers the area of ​​the lining of the fingers called the fingertips, and the nail base of the nails consists of keratin, and the nails are distributed evenly on the hand. To protect the areas surrounding the nails. It help the hand produce living cells that encapsulate the fleshy area around the finger. In this article, we will learn about How to trim nails.


Cutting Nails

Nail trimming varies according to the type of nail. The following are nail trimming methods for each type:


How to Trim Long Nails

  • We cut the nails evenly, so that we must consider reducing the length of the nails before starting the trim.
  • We put nails in water lukewarm and leave it for one minute. As the water increases the softness of the nails and thus helps in the turning process as it makes the nail more flexible when trimmed. And keeps it cohesive without breaking its edges.
  • Dry the nails completely from the water.
  • We put a material that strengthens the nails and makes their structure cohesive.
  • Then trim the nails to the length we want, taking into account that the trimming tool is properly controlled so that the nail becomes the desired shape.


Trim Ingrown Nails

  • We put the hands and feet in a bucket of warm water to increase the softness and elasticity of the nail, skin and flesh.
  • We dry the nails well from the water.
  • We trim the sides of the nail properly, taking into account the removal of skin and flesh appendages, whose cells are mostly dead.
  • We trim the nails in the usual way, always making sure that the appearance and length of the nails are equal.
  • File nails well with a wooden file.


How to Trim Brittle Nails

  • Coat nails with nail hardener one hour before manicure.
  • We cool the nails well with a wooden file so as not to put too much pressure on the nails.
  • We put the nails in a bowl of lukewarm water, to further soften the nails and prevent them from breaking.
  • Consider choosing a large size nail clipper to distribute pressure.
  • Trim nails evenly.


Soft nail trimming method

  • Soak the nails in a bowl of cold water for five minutes, to increase the hardening of the nails.
  • We dry the nails well from the water.
  • Trim nails evenly and lengthwise.


Causes of thick nails

There are many reasons why nails become thick, including the following:


Fungi and Infections

So that when infected with fungi and infections. The thickness of the nails becomes larger than their normal size, and what is meant by this point are fungi and infections that affect the nails. So that nail fungus causes severe pain and increases the thickness of the nails. And it is worth noting that there are several things that affect the health and appearance of the nails, and many One of the types of fungus that makes the nails look very bad, such as onychomycosis, which increases the thickness of the nails three times or more.


Injury to the nails

Where the injury is formed by a trauma or wound that has affected the nail area. As the thick nail is caused by these causes, and this often happens to sports people such as football players, and people who wear shoes for long periods and who wear narrow shoes smaller than their foot size.



Yellow nail syndrome

As the yellow nail syndrome is one of the very common conditions that increase the thickness of the nails, as it begins with the appearance of yellow spots under the tip of the fingernails of the hands or feet. The nails of the hands and feet, and the appearance of the nails in them is cracked, curved, and thick, and their color tends to be yellow. Scientists have suggested that the yellowness of the nail is due to several reasons, the most important of which is heredity.



As psoriasis plays a major role in increasing the thickness of the toenails and the hand, and nail psoriasis is considered an immune disease, and this disease is a long-term autoimmune, and it can be distinguished by the appearance of abnormal spots in the skin, and many red scaly spots may appear on the surface of the skin. Skin psoriasis is usually associated with nail psoriasis. As it affects the nails of the hands and feet in terms of increasing thickness.


Injury to the nail

As it is one of the most common diseases that lead to an increase in the thickness of the nails, and it causes nail paronychia, which is an inflammatory condition in the skin, located in the area around the nails in the foot and hand, and nail paronychia can be identified by the presence of redness and swelling of the area surrounding the nail, and with the passage of time This condition causes the nails of the feet and hands to become thicker, exfoliate, noticeably brittle, and abnormally soft.


How to trim thick nails

Madam, here is the best way to trim thick nails, which are as follows:

  • Soak the nails for ten minutes or a little longer to further soften the nails.
  • We dry the nails well.
  • We sterilize the nail trimming tools well, by putting an appropriate amount of spirito on them.
  • We trim the nails from the beginning of the corner, and we do not rotate them to avoid the problems of the ingrown nail.
  • We remove small pieces from the sides of the nails, all the way to the end of the nail.
  • We apply this process to all nails until we finish them all.


Tips for trimming nails properly

Madam, here are the best tips for trimming nails properly, which are as follows:

  • Consider using large clips for toenails and small and medium clips for fingernails.
  • Consider cleaning and sterilizing the pruning tool before starting work to ensure that it is clean, taking into account washing it with hot water and applying an antiseptic and sterilizer to it.
  • Consider washing hands and feet with soap and water and drying them well to soften the nails before cutting them.
  • Considering that if the nails are very long, they must be shortened first, then cut to maintain their shape.
  • Take into account not to shorten the nails too much so that they should be somewhat long by protecting the lining of the finger from shocks.
  • Sit in an area with good light to be able to see the size and length of the nails well.
  • Trim nails straight to maintain nail shape.