5 Ways help straight hair naturally

How to Make Hair Straight Naturally 

How to Make Hair Straight ?

Straight hair will never go out of style. Many people want a simple, sleek, and elegant look that can give you straight hair. Don’t be discouraged if your hair is not naturally straight. There are many ways to straighten it out.

5 Ways to Straighten hair Naturally 

  1. Keep brushing wet hairs with a wide-tooth comb until it dries

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to straighten it out a bit. Wash and condition your hair, as usual, then dry it with a towel, pat gently. Then, using a wide-tooth comb, brush gently along the length of your hair, working on small sections at a time. If you have serious knots or tangles, unravel them gently with your fingers before running comb them. Then let it sit for five minutes. Then repeat the combing procedure. You need to do this every five minutes until the hair is completely dry. This ensures that the hair is constantly smoothed and straightened during the drying process.

  1. Apply smoothing cream or serum to straighten hair naturally

This hack is very effective. A smoothing cream or serum is an easy way to make sure your hair is as hydrated, nourished, and moisturized as possible. Applying them along the length of the hair prevents it from breaking, drying, deteriorating, and protecting it from factors such as pollution and UV rays.

  1. Rinse your hair with Raw Milk to straighten hair naturally

Milk Is a natural straightener as it contains casein and whey protein, both of which strengthen and smooth the hair and repair dry and damaged hair. According to Discover health tips ,  Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, take a cup full of milk, dip your fingers into it and gently coat each strand with milk, using the tips. Transfer the rest of the milk to the bottle with a narrow mouth, and slowly pour the rest of the milk over all the hair and scalp. Wait a minute, and then rinse with water thoroughly. Cow’s milk is the most widely used, you can get similar results from goat’s milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

  1. Use a banana-honey mask to straighten hair naturally

Combining these two ingredients, and using them over time, has many hair benefits. Take a banana and mash it well. Then add a tablespoon of honey and put it in the grinder, until your paste is smooth. Apply evenly to all hair and scalp, then apply a shower cap to your hair to seal the benefits of this hair mask. Remove after an hour, and then wash your hair thoroughly with a biotin-rich shampoo.

  1. Apply eggs on your hair to straighten hair naturally

Hair is made up of a protein named keratin. Below the scalp are millions of hair follicles that make keratin from the amino acids found in food. Applying an egg mask two or three times a week will provide you with adequate protein intake to maintain your keratin levels and keep your hair straight. It is an excellent source of B Vitamins, which are essential for the body. Open two eggs, and then beat the contents well into a bowl. Then apply it to all hair and scalp and leave it on for ten minutes. Rinse well and follow with your usual shampoo and conditioner.