How to Make Epazote Tea

Epazote is one of the most important herbs in Mexican gastronomy , this plant native to Mexico serves to give a touch of flavor to various preparations so typical of our kitchen , however, for hundreds of years epazote was used as medicinal remedy , since it has several properties and benefits that you can take advantage of to improve your health, especially if you consume it in the form of an infusion.


Benefits of Epazote Tea

Epazote tea has several applications within Mexican herbalism and the fact is that the plant is known for being a great dewormer , helping you to eliminate various types of parasites and harmful bacteria from the body , likewise the epazote infusion is very good for respiratory diseases . because it is of great help for the expulsion of phlegm and calm the inflammation 

In addition to these great benefits , epazote tea can greatly improve various intestinal processes , allowing for much more effective digestion , even helping you eliminate indigestion and flatulence . Last but not least, thanks to the potassium it can provide, epazote tea can act as a vasodilator that reduces blood pressure and helps take care of your heart .


How to Make Epazote Tea


  • 1 cup of water
  • 5 Epazote leaves

Preparing epazote tea is quite simple, you just have to wash and disinfect the leaves of this plant very well and on the other hand take your water in a small pot over medium heat, let it begin to boil and add the epazote leaves , cook for 5 minutes and after this time remove from the heat, allow your drink to cool a bit before straining and enjoying it.