How to get a Bigger Butt Without Exercise

how to get a bigger butt without exercise

How to get a bigger butt without exercise? You are in the right place. In this post from Discover health tips we are going to give you the keys so that you can show off a heart attack, tall and without fat. We will explain about two 100% effective aesthetic devices with which you can tone your muscles without having to go to the gym . Do you want to meet them?

Treatments to increase buttocks without exercising

Did you know that it is possible to increase buttocks without exercising? Although there has always been a very direct relationship between sport and muscle growth, the truth is that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. This means that, currently, we can talk about two aesthetic machines that are perfect for having infarct buttocks without having to kill yourself in the gym. We discover them for you.

1. EMS Shape

EMS Shape is the best machine on the market today to tone the body without going to the gym. It is a device that uses high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation so that it can act on the deepest layers of the skin. The result is a more homogeneous stimulation that manages to cross the accumulated fat in the buttock to directly attack the muscle.

This device is ideal for increasing buttocks without exercising, since it exercises the basic contractions that are achieved when we do sports. With this movement it is possible to eliminate fat cells and tone muscles. Keep in mind that when we train, we are capable of activating 60% of the muscle fibers; but with the work of EMS Shape we managed to stimulate 100% of the fibers . With this, we manage to deplete glycogen reserves, increase metabolism and activate fat burning.

2. Capenergy c400

Capenergy is another of the best treatments to increase buttocks without exercising. It is a device that manages to increase basal metabolism by up to 150% in just 10 minutes and, therefore, manages to burn targeted fat and reduce cellulite. In addition, this device can work 4 areas simultaneously so that the work is more effective and distributed throughout the body.

It is a technique that uses diathermy and radiofrequency and with which you will be able to reduce and reshape the body , reaffirm it, sculpt the silhouette and eliminate cellulite. In addition, thanks to its design, you can work both body areas to tone it and facial areas to reduce lines of expression or wrinkles. A very effective and surprising device with which you will achieve a slimmer and stronger body.

More tips to increase buttocks without exercising

It is important to know that even when it is difficult for us to train, we can resort to various alternatives to achieve our goals.

So, get up and cheer up! Because if your goal is to increase your buttocks, but it is difficult for you to exercise , you can perform other routines and habits that can help you.

In addition to the treatments that we have just indicated, you should know that there are other tricks that will help you tone your buttocks without the need for physical exercise. And it is that daily habits such as diet, cosmetics or the routine that we carry are key to keeping our body in good condition.

Here are some tips :

Healthy and balanced diet. 

If you want to increase buttocks without exercising, it is important that you bet on a diet in which there is a strong presence of healthy proteins. In this sense, lean meats are a good idea (chicken, turkey, rabbit, etc.), as well as fish or eggs. Proteins are responsible for nourishing and shaping muscles, therefore, if you want your buttocks to be stronger, it is essential that you include this type of nutrient in your diet. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates cannot be missing from your menu either. They are an interesting source of healthy energy, as well as a rich source of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals. Of course, fruit and vegetables cannot be missing from your diet either.

Body and firming creams . 

Including the use of firming creams in your daily habits is perfect for achieving firmer and smoother skin. Although by themselves they are not enough, the truth is that they will help you improve the appearance of the skin and make your buttocks look less flaccid. Here best herbal cream Vaseline and olive oil for bigger buttocks.

Toning massages . 

When you apply the body cream, take advantage of the moment to perform a buttock massage that is firming. These massages activate blood circulation, as well as tissues, so they are perfect for getting firmer skin. The ideal is to opt for circular movements, small pinches, etc. You can also choose to go to beauty centers and have the professionals in the sector perform the most appropriate movements to improve the skin.

How to increase the buttocks without exercising

Is it possible to have enlarged buttocks without spending hours and hours in the gym? We are not going to deny the importance of exercise if you want to have toned and raised buttocks, but you will also need to take other factors into account, as we are going to explain in this step guide so that you know how to increase buttocks without doing exercises .

Increasing the buttocks has become the objective of many women, and also some men, who want to highlight the lower part of their back, and although exercises such as squats are good for this purpose, the truth is that you may go through a period of your life when you don’t want or can’t exercise. Does this mean that you cannot increase buttocks? Not at all, you just have to look at your diet and also follow the steps that we list below.

Steps to increase the buttocks without exercising

Believe it or not, there are remedies that will allow you to increase buttocks without having to spend all day exercising. Let’s see what they are in this tutorial:

Improve your posture

One of the first ways to increase the size of your buttocks without exercising is to practice better posture. It’s good for your back and will give your butt a boost. If you walk or sit with your back rounded and your hips down, your buttocks gradually inward. Always walk or sit with your back straight, chest out, and hips exerting strength. You will then notice that your buttocks look higher.

The massages

Massages are also a good solution to increase the buttocks without exercising. To do this, massage the buttocks with both open hands , forming large concentric circles. Still with open hands, make deep vertical movements from the bottom up, using your fingers. Give yourself quick pinches and quick strokes with a closed hand and finish by massaging in a circle again.

Coffee grounds, sugar, and essential oils

On the other hand, it will be good for you to undergo a buttock exfoliation to increase it since the increase in blood flow in the area can naturally revitalize, lift and tone the skin. To do this, you can make your own scrub with coffee grounds, sugar, and essential oils that will firm and tighten your skin. It is a natural way to lift without exercise. Also, you will end up with very soft skin.

The healthy diet

To increase the buttocks without exercising, it is also important to take diet into account. The reason is quite obvious, your muscles grow mainly because they are fed with nutrients and although you may be seduced by the idea of ​​eating a lot of “junk food” that makes your butt bigger, the truth is that this type of food will make you fat all the time. body and also put your sugar and cholesterol levels at risk.

It is better to bet on lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and fish that will make the buttocks increase naturally. These types of proteins contain amino acids, which is what your muscles need to grow and develop.


Correctly stretching all the muscles in a period of inactivity, not only prevents us from getting injured, but also helps increase the volume of the buttocks .

So when you get up or before going to bed, do small stretches that involve the whole body, and this will help keep your buttocks firm.


On the other hand, you can also eat carbohydrates , and of course, take the odd supplement that increases the production of estrogen, the growth hormone responsible for the growth of buttocks and breasts in women.

Some experts say that there are several supplements that can help us gain muscle mass, tone the body, and also increase the buttocks . 

To choose the most appropriate and learn to take it correctly, the ideal is to consult a doctor.

But some of these ideal supplements for muscle growth, and therefore, of the buttocks are: creatine, magnesium, spirulina, coconut oil and diindolylmethane (DIM).

Finally we want to mention, the Pueraria Mirifica a medicinal plant that originated in Asia, whose roots contain phytoestrogens, a plant hormone that behaves like estrogen in women. This type of root is also sold as a supplement to improve the development and size of the chest and buttocks.

Without a doubt, you can increase the size of your buttocks without exercising , but you will have to make other changes in your routine and be consistent with what is indicated.

In general, there are no magic formulas that help you with the growth of the buttocks beyond exercise, but these tricks will allow you to strengthen the area without having to spend all day exercising.

How to increase buttocks without gaining weight

You may be afraid of increasing the buttocks and gaining weight. But this will not be the case if you take into account the advice that we have indicated:

  • On the one hand , the diet must be balanced . Bet on a diet based on vegetables and quality proteins. Include carbohydrates only during the first half of the day, never during dinner, and avoid processed, sweet, fatty foods, etc. Also, reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible, as it dehydrates and provides empty calories.
  • If you do physical exercise, you should know that there are exercises specially designed to increase and tone the buttocks. The bridge is one of the most indicated to work the area, as well as the dead weight. The squat is another typical exercise, but one that focuses more on strengthening the legs.

As you can see, it is possible to increase buttocks without exercising. For this, it is best to go to aesthetic professionals and try the innovations that exist in the sector. Technology is fully aligned with the aesthetics sector and, for this reason, today we have devices such as Capenergy or EMS Shape that help tone the body without having to go to the gym .

If you want more information about this appliance or want to include it in your beauty center, contact us . From Discover health tips we will be happy to assist you and explain all the advantages of both products. They are totally revolutionary methods with which people leave more than satisfied with their results.