How Many Calories in a Bag of Popcorn

The corn is available in five types, but only the popcorn pops. Popcorn kernels come in assorted colors: red, black, gold, and white. In addition, they are a healthy food and help digestion because they have fiber. Since it is low in calories and fat, popcorn is a healthy snack.

Unpopped kernels

One ounce (28.34 g) of unpopped kernels has 106 calories, 1.22 grams of fat, 1.98 milligrams of sodium, 77.68 mg of potassium, and 3.6 grams of fiber.


One cup of popcorn has 31 calories, 0.36 grams of fat, 26.32 mg of potassium, and 1.16 grams of fiber.

Popcorn in oil

One cup of popped popcorn with oil has 64 calories, 4.79 grams of fat, 20.2 mg of potassium, and 0.89 grams of fiber.

in microwave

one oz. of fat-free microwave popcorn has 116 calories, 2.11 grams of fat, 88.17 mg of potassium, and 21.28 grams of fiber.

Caramel and cheese

About 2/3 cup of caramel-coated popcorn has 113 calories. Cheese flavored popcorn contains approximately 58 calories per cup.

Curious fact

Popcorn contains more iron than eggs, spinach, or roast beef. They also contain more protein than any other cereal.


Popcorn is a famous snack all over the world, already inextricably associated with the world of cinema and movies , and which is made from corn kernels. But not any variety of corn is worth it , but only those whose grains, under the intense heat, swell and end up “bursting”, giving rise to that spongy and white mass so well known to all. For example, rose corn or Zea mays everata Sturt.

Before we review how many calories are per 100 grams, which is not so important , let’s review some characteristics of popcorn and popcorn that are much more important .

Unlike other grains such as wheat, it does not contain gluten , which can be problematic . Not being in flour form is also an advantage.


Its carbohydrate density  is considerably high (74%). This, per se, should not be a problem, but it is also that, in the case of popcorn, due to the process suffered by corn, we find a high glycemic index: 70. So, for 100 grams of popcorn, we have a high glycemic load: 51.80. 


How many calories does 100 grams of homemade popcorn have?

100 grams of “standard” homemade, natural, 100% corn popcorn, without any additives, have approximately 375 calories . Unfortunately, this is not usually their usual way of consumption, and they are usually accompanied by ingredients such as sugar or industrial oils.


How many calories does movie theater popcorn have? Do I choose large, medium or small?

There are very few times these popcorns are not loaded with sugar and/or poor quality fats, as we will see in later sections.

Although there are certain variations depending on the type of popcorn or the cinema it is the approximate estimates, depending on the portion we order (that is, the size of the glass or container chosen) would be the following:

Large size : Equivalent to approximately 20 cups of popcorn. That is, about 1200 calories !

Medium size : It supposes about 14 cups, which translates into about  775 calories .

Small size : 8 cups = approx. 430 calories .


 How many calories does sweet or caramel popcorn from the movies have?

Sweet, caramelized or caramelized popcorn (also the “salty sweet”) is an increasingly common product in all cinemas (although you can get it in other places too, of course) that is loaded with large amounts of sugar . 100 grams of sweet popcorn usually have about 400 or 500 calories (depending on the brand or cinema), (the amount increases because they also tend to contain unhealthy fats, such as trans fats or vegetable oils such as sunflower or palm seeds) However, this It’s not the only bad thing.

And it is that the amounts of sugar so high  that this product carries, makes all the negatives mentioned above accentuate, becoming a quite harmful food;  And, in this case, we would be dealing with a food that can help  most people gain weight, as well as being able to cause other health problems .


How many calories does buttered popcorn have?

100 grams of buttered popcorn , on average, usually have about 480-500 calories . We also recommend that you stay away from them, because apart from the fact that it is not uncommon for them to contain trans fats , they can also bring other additives (such as sugar), as well as the dangerous Diacetyl that we will talk about below.

Although, if it’s homemade real butter popcorn made by you, it would certainly be a much better option.


How many calories does a bag of microwave popcorn have?

It depends on the brands, and the bag sizes, but practically all of them are similar: A normal size bag of microwave popcorn (75 – 80 grams) , usually has about 420 calories . In many cases, they also come full of garbage. Don’t forget to check the ingredients.


How Many Calories in a Bag of Popcorn

Let’s take a good look at what we can read on the bag: If we look closely, we see that the amount of 153.7 calories appears. But be careful, let’s not get confused; since, if we read carefully, we see that this figure refers to “Quantity per portion”. And in the bag, as indicated above, there are approximately 2.83 servings (30 grams each). Therefore, in the complete bag we have a total of 84.9 grams (30 x 2.83).

So, doing a little math, we see that  a whole bag of Act II “natural popcorn”   has 435 calories .

(And 100 grams of Act II natural popcorn has a caloric value of 512 calories)

If we continue reading, we also see that among its ingredients we have refined palm oil , which is not recommended.

In any case, compared to other brands and processed products (especially when it comes to butter popcorn or sweet caramel popcorn), which add many more flavorings, sugar and various toxic products, perhaps this is one of the most “ natural” . Although the ideal, without a doubt, are those bags in which we read that the ONLY ingredient that appears is corn. (And the truly optimal thing would be to make good and authentic homemade popcorn ourselves).


How many calories does a bag of caramelized or candy popcorn have?

As we have already said, sweet or caramelized popcorn is probably the most harmful and least healthy popcorn that we can consume. A bag of sweet popcorn (about 90 grams) will have on average approximately 390-455 calories ( depending on the brand or the movie theater ). However, this per se is almost the least important , since what should really worry us are the exaggerated amounts of sugar that they contain, which, not only will its impact be negative in itself, but will also make it a more addictive food. And the sum of addictive food + high caloric density is already a problem.


And how many calories are in a bag of buttered popcorn?Taking into account that 100 grams of buttered popcorn has about 480 – 500 calories, a bag (about 85 grams) would have about 408 – 425 calories .