how many calories are in a mini cucumber

How many calories are in a mini Cucumber

Let us know the number of calories in cucumbers, in addition to important information about cucumbers: A mini cucumber contains approximately 5 calories. The number of calories in a mini cucumber will vary depending on its size and how it is prepared. For example, a mini cucumber that has been peeled and diced will have fewer calories than one that is left unpeeled. If you are counting calories, be sure to take this into account when deciding how many mini cucumbers to eat.

A mini cucumber contains approximately 5 calories. However, the calorie content will vary depending on the size and type of cucumber. For example, a pickling cucumber contains about 9 calories per cup, while a slicing cucumber contains about 11 calories per cup.

Calories in cucumber

Cucumber is a vegetable known to be very low in calories and starches. Every 100 grams of cucumber contains 33 calories and only 7.2 grams of starches.

Therefore, cucumber is a healthy and suitable option for those who are trying to lose weight, or stick to a diet with few calories and low levels of carbohydrates, due to the low number of calories in cucumber.

The following is a table showing the proportions of nutrients in cucumbers, according to the US Department of Agriculture, per 100 grams of unpeeled cucumber slices:

food itemNutritional value
Fats0.09 gr
Sodium236 milligrams
zinc0.15 milligrams
fiber0.5 gr
sugars5.33 gr
protein0.52 gr
phosphorous20 milligrams
Iron0.24 milligrams
calcium14 milligrams
magnesium10 milligrams
Vitamin C 2.5 milligrams

How to use the calories in cucumber

The calories in the few cucumbers can be used in the process of losing weight and maintaining a fit body, as mentioned previously, and this is done as follows:

  • Include cucumbers in your daily food list.
  • Eat the cucumber before you start eating other foods.
  • Prepare cucumber juice and drink it instead of other high-calorie juices. 

Why is cucumber a healthy choice?

Despite the low calories in cucumber, it has great benefits as it contains many important nutrients for the body.

Cucumber has many health benefits, most of which are related to its contributions to maintaining a healthy body, as it is effective in reducing obesity, increasing the feeling of energy, maintaining a healthy body weight and retaining less fat.

In addition to its benefits in fighting many diseases, including: diabetes , and in the following is a detailed list of the health benefits of cucumber:

Provide benefit to bone structure

Vitamin K is found in cucumbers at a very high rate, and it is the main vitamin responsible for making bones more strong and less prone to fracture or fragility. Calcium is also available in cucumbers and is also known for its importance to bones.

Contribute to protection against cancer

The components and nutrients of cucumber help prevent different types of cancer, and it also works to prevent the spread of cancer cells, if they exist.

Keeping the body hydrated

The main component of cucumber is water, so it is very effective in hydrating the body, keeping it cool and preventing dehydration, especially after a workout or during the hot days of summer.

Protection from vascular diseases

The calories in cucumber are low while the fiber is high.

The fiber in cucumber contributes to preventing the accumulation of cholesterol , which means reducing the possibility of heart and blood vessel problems.

Supplying the body with many nutrients

Cucumber is a vegetable that provides the body with a very large amount of essential and important nutrients for the body, such as: potassium, magnesium, and fiber, which are high in its peel.

Maintaining gut health

Cucumbers contain a lot of fiber, which improves the health of the intestines and the digestive system as a whole.

Helping regulate sugar levels

Cucumber contributes to keeping diabetes under control, and it is a healthy option for diabetics due to the low calories in cucumber.

Increase skin glow

Cucumber contains very high levels of water, which makes it effective in moisturizing the skin , thus increasing its freshness and glow.

To get the freshness of the skin, cucumber is eaten constantly, and its slices can be applied directly to the skin.