How Many Calories are in 1 cup of Watermelon

how many calories are in 1 cup of watermelon

How many calories are in 1 cup of watermelon? One cup of watermelon contains 45.6 calories, and one cup of watermelon juice contains 72 calories. It is worth noting that the calories in watermelon vary according to the size of the piece and the method of cutting.

Calories in watermelon

The following table shows the calories in watermelon in different shapes and sizes:

Calories in some common watermelon dishes

Calories vary in different dishes that contain watermelon, and here are some snacks that contain watermelon and calories in each:

  • A cup of watermelon juice made from 1/4 watermelon, 1/4 orange and a little mint contains 338 calories.
  • A cup of watermelon with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese contains 166 calories.

Watermelon content of nutrients

Watermelon contains many nutrients that are beneficial to health, including the following:

  • vitamin C.
  • potassium.
  • copper.
  • Vitamin B5.
  • Vitamin A.

Health benefits of watermelon

Eating watermelon helps to improve health in several ways, the most important of which are the following:

  • It helps maintain heart health: This is because it contains many compounds including leucotene, citrulline, and other vitamins and minerals.
  • Reduce inflammation: This is due to its antioxidant content.
  • It may help relieve muscle aches.
  • May benefit skin and hair.
  • Helps improve digestion.

How to choose a watermelon when you buy it

Choosing a ripe and sweet watermelon may be difficult, as internal signs such as red color and sweet taste determine the maturity of the watermelon, but some external signs can help distinguish whether the watermelon is ripe or spoiled, including the following:

  • Choose a consistent, uniform shape of watermelon, and avoid watermelon that has bumps, scratches, or irregular wounds.
  • Take care to lift the watermelon, or carry it before buying it; So that the ripe watermelon is heavier in size, which means that it is full of water and more juicy.
  • Heart the watermelon, and look for yellow dots that indicate that it has reached the stage of maturity, and avoid watermelons that contain white spots.
  • Choose a watermelon whose peel is thick and not easily scratched.