How Many Almonds Should I eat in a Day?

Almonds are often recognized as a healthy food , they can bring multiple benefits to your body if consumed responsibly, but what is the right amount of almonds to eat per day? Falling into excess nuts is very easy, so we will tell you how many almonds is the amount you should be eating per day so that you can take advantage of its benefits.

Benefits of almonds

Almonds are considered a very energetic food , they can improve your cardiovascular health , regulate cholesterol , speed up your intestinal processes , help take care of the health and appearance of your skin and can even be perfect when you are taking care of your weight or trying to reduce it. That is why we are often recommended to eat a certain amount of this dry fruit daily .


What happens to your body if you eat almonds in excess?

However, since they are very practical to eat and delicious , falling into excess is very easy and this can bring more negative consequences than positive ones. Nuts are foods that can generate a large amount of calories in the body, so eating them in excess represents a consumption of energy that we may not be able to take full advantage of and that in turn can translate into various problems such as increased weight or intestinal problems .


How many almonds should I eat in a day?

In order to take advantage of almonds without becoming a problem in our diet , many health organizations recommend eating about 20 almonds a day . This is the perfect amount for you to feel satisfied and receive enough nutrients from these nuts , you don’t have to eat them all at the same time, you can do it in two servings throughout the day and they will even help you satisfy your appetite between meals .