know about how does a woman feel when sperm enters the body

How does a Woman Feel When Sperm Enters the Body

When the male engages in intimate intercourse. A muscle contraction occurs that leads to semen from his penis. Entering the female’s vagina and reaching the uterus, and the exit of this fluid is impulsive. Causing the ejaculation process. How does a woman feel when sperm enters the body?

How does a Woman Feel When Sperm Enters the Body

When a man inserts his penis into the female’s vagina. The process of penetration or ejaculation occurs. In which the sperm is released and ejaculated into the vagina in order to fertilize the egg, and thus pregnancy.

As for the emotional stages. Controversy has been raised about the woman’s feeling of the presence of sperm in her vagina. As there are some opinions that say that she feels the presence of sperm inside her, and opinions that say that she does not feel.

In fact, in order to answer the question: Does the woman feel the semen of the man inside her. Which has puzzled many. The feeling of semen inside the vagina differs from one woman to another. As we can consider the matter relative.

It is possible to feel semen and it is possible not to feel it. But in general the thing that is agreed upon is that most of the women feel the man’s semen inside her, and that feeling is through her sense of pleasure.

As the descent of semen into the vagina may cause pleasure. Which in turn works to reach orgasm, and orgasm is an indication of the presence of semen in the vagina.

Things that are associated with the Semen into the Vagina

Through our answer to the question: how does a woman feel when sperm enters the body. We learned that the matter is relative and differs from one woman to another in most cases. But the process of penetration in general is followed by some things that most women feel.

As the semen actually enters the vagina and its presence inside shows some symptoms for the woman, and we must mention them to you. As it may be useful in answering the question of whether the woman feels the semen of the man inside her.

In the following, we will explain to you the symptoms that appear on a woman in the stage of ejaculation:

  • Injury to women’s muscles tension.
  • An increase in the respiratory rate due to an increase in the heart rate.
  • Sperm ejaculation into the vagina may irritate the skin.
  • The increase in blood flow to the genitals, and this is shown by the swelling of the clitoris located inside the female genital organs. As well as the swelling in the inner small labia.
  • Feeling of pain in the clitoris due to increased sensitivity as a result of intense pleasure. When semen enters the vagina.
  • It is normal for the vagina to swell after a man ejaculates in it.
  • Changes in the color of the outer wall of the vagina may occur, as it turns dark purple.
  • Swelling of a woman’s breasts due to ejaculation.
  • Some cramps in the feet, face, and hands due to orgasm.

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How does a Woman’s Brain Receive Semen?

This paragraph is considered the most important of all to clarify the actual answer to the question: does a woman feel the semen of a man inside her. As we will explain the role of the brain and its reaction when semen is present in the vagina.

As when a man and a woman have sex. The physical signals in the woman’s body send signals to the brain through the nerves. These signals work to interact and release chemicals that cause a feeling of pleasure.

Reasons why the wife does not feel the man’s semen inside her*

By presenting the answer to the question: Does a woman feel the semen of the man inside her. We agreed that women often feel the man’s semen through the feeling of sexual orgasm. Resulting from the pleasure of semen descending into the vagina.

But there are many reasons that prevent a woman from feeling orgasm and semen entering her vagina. As we will mention the following points to you:

  • The wife’s suffering from the disturbances in her hormone levels. The disturbances in the function of some vital glands in the body.
  • It is possible that a woman’s inability to feel the man’s semen inside her is her age. As the older the age and approaching menopause. The less estrogen in the body, and thus the less feeling of ejaculation.
  • If the wife performs some surgical operations in the reproductive system. Which include narrowing the vaginal opening, or uterine surgery. She may not feel the man’s semen inside her when ejaculating.
  • In the event that a woman fears excessively during intimate relationship that she will be exposed to pain or that any problem will occur. She will lose her sense of pleasure for the descent of semen into the vagina.

The feeling of a woman the first time she ejaculated inside her*

Pleasure is the agreed-upon feeling in the event of semen ejaculation inside the woman’s vagina. But it does not necessarily happen the first time the woman is exposed to the process of penetration and ejaculation.

As it is well known that at first there is a thin membrane known as the hymen located at the opening of the vagina. This membrane is torn by the penis of the man who ejaculates semen into the vagina and that is the first time of intercourse.

The tearing of the hymen usually results in pain and some drops of blood and this prevents the woman from feeling pleasure as a result of the semen being inside her.

There is also a type of hymen called a rubbery hymen and although it is only ruptured surgically, and often does not result in any bleeding. It also spoils the woman’s sense of pleasure when ejaculating.

That is, intercourse and the emission of semen inside the woman’s vagina lead to the brain releasing chemicals that cause her to feel pleasure, and this is the adequate answer to the question of whether how does a woman feel when sperm enters the body.

We can also say that the closeness of the bodies stimulates the brain to increase the level of the hormone oxytocin inside it. Which in turn makes us feel happy as well as safe in the sexual relationship.

A man’s semen descends into a woman and she feels Burning*

A woman’s feeling of burning when semen is emitted inside her is also a relative matter. As it differs from one woman to another. As the woman who suffers from problems in the vaginal area is the one who feels the burning when the semen comes inside her.

We will mention to you below the most important and most important reasons. Related to a woman’s feeling of burning during the ejaculation process:

  • It is possible for a woman to feel a burning sensation when ejaculating inside her. Because she suffers from an allergy to semen and this is a reaction due to the proteins present in the sperm of men.
  • One of the main causes of burning during ejaculation is the presence of infections in the woman’s vagina.
  • The burning sensation with semen in the vagina may be caused by a bacterial infection in that area. Which may be sexually transmitted, such as herpes.
  • In the event that a woman has urethritis that occurs in the tube responsible for carrying urine from inside the bladder to outside the urine. She will feel a burning sensation when ejaculating.
  • In addition, interstitial cystitis causes a burning sensation when semen enters the vagina.
  • If a woman’s vaginal area is not sufficiently moist. Whether through natural lubrication, or through the use of artificial lubricants. She will face a problem with the descent of semen inside her, which is a burning sensation.

“Ejaculation of a man’s semen inside a woman often leads to a feeling of pleasure, as well as an orgasm, but the matter is relative and differs from one woman to another.”