How do Hotels keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

One of the household objects that gets dirty the fastest is the bathroom screen, which tends to accumulate limescale, soap stains, mold and other germs.

We teach you the best tricks and home remedies to clean the glass or glass of the screen, its base and the shower tap. You only need to have one of these products on hand: white vinegar, ammonia, baking soda or alcohol. Go!

Keeping the bathroom free of germs and dirt is essential to maintaining a clean and safe home. If you are new to housework and you don’t know which products are the best for cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom , keep reading! We have prepared a complete guide to clean the shower screen and leave it as new.

If you already have experience, but want to learn first-hand which homemade products are the best for removing limescale, dirt and mold from the shower screen , be it sliding, fixed or glass, continue with us! This guide is for everyone!


Why do screens accumulate a lot of lime?

Day after day, the shower or bathtub screens accumulate a lot of limescale (which is released from the water), dirt (soap residues and hair) and, in many cases, mold stains (black stains due to humidity due to condensation).

If your shower screen is not cleaned frequently, it will become a veritable dumping ground for germs. And not only the screen is affected, but also the tiles, the joints, the base of the tray and the shower faucet . Over time, dirt can adhere to our screen and be more difficult to remove. So act as soon as possible!


How do Hotels keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

Hotels have a few different ways of keeping glass shower doors clean. One way is to use a squeegee after every shower. Another way is to put a sign on the door that says, “Please squeegee after each shower.” This helps to keep the glass clean and free of water spots. yet another way is to wipe the door down with a towel after each shower.


Homemade products to remove limescale and dirt from screens

  • Cleaning vinegar : A multipurpose that is essential in cleaning the home is white vinegar (specific cleaning) . It is an economical, ecological and natural product that has sufficient capacity to clean and disinfect after the first application. You can not ask for more!
  • Ammonia or ammonia liquid . Liquid ammonia, if used responsibly, is one of the best products for deep cleaning accumulated grime in a bathroom. In particular, it is perfect for removing all limescale and soap residue from the screen and glass. If the tiles are also dirty or have traces of dirt, do not hesitate to use ammonia.
  • Baking soda . Baking soda is another star product that will also help you remove all traces of lime and dirt from a screen.
  • Cleaning alcohol . In the case of plastic partitions, this product will leave it as shiny as the first day.

Now, let’s see how these 4 products are applied to clean the shower screen (glass, glass or plastic) so that it is shiny and disinfected!

1. With white vinegar (specific cleaning)

To remove limescale and dirt from a screen, whether glass or crystal, use white vinegar diluted in water.

Preparation : In a sprayer add a cup of white vinegar plus a cup of hot water. Add a splash of liquid detergent (it can be the dishwasher) plus the juice of 1 lemon. The lemon will give you that fresh aroma that we like so much when cleaning. Shake the mixture so that the ingredients are well integrated and that’s it.

Application : Spray the formula on the screen, both on the inside and outside. Make sure that the product is on the entire surface. Let sit for 2-5 minutes, then use a microfiber cloth (or any lint-free cloth) to rinse the screen. Immediately you will see how the dirt and accumulated lime disappear. To leave it even shinier, spray the product again and rinse. The results are almost magical!

Where to buy white cleaning vinegar?

You can buy white vinegar at any supermarket (Walmart, Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl or others), supermarkets or online. It is very cheaply priced and is called cleaning vinegar in some places .

2. With liquid ammonia or liquid ammonia

In a spray bottle, pour 1 liter of warm water plus 20 ml of liquid ammonia . Before spraying the product, open doors and windows. Ammonia gives off very strong odors.

Application : Spray all the surfaces to be cleaned (both the exterior and the interior of the screen) and let the product act for a couple of minutes . After this time, rub and rinse -always from top to bottom- with a cloth moistened with water.

If your shower screen or its base have small black spots, it’s mold! But don’t be alarmed, ammonia is perfect for removing it. In addition, it prevents its appearance.

  • Tip : When doing this cleaning, wear latex gloves. Ammonia is a very strong product and can irritate your skin. Security before everything!

You can buy cleaning ammonia in any drugstore, supermarket or department store. Its price is very cheap. Get ahead of more home tricks knowing all the uses of ammonia in cleaning your home .

3. With baking soda

Baking soda is another all-purpose product that is good for cleaning just about everything: shower stalls, whitening clothes, whitening bathrooms, removing blood stains from clothes , etc.

Preparation : A homemade cleaner that is a saint’s hand removing lime stains from the shower screen is obtained based on baking soda and white vinegar. To do this, in a container or spray bottle add 1 cup of white vinegar plus 2 tablespoons of baking soda . If you see that it is very pasty, add more vinegar.

Application : Apply the mixture on the glass of the partition and leave it to act for between 5 and 10 minutes . Then, pass a cloth or rag moistened with water and that’s it. To add an extra shine, you can wipe with a cloth moistened with a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s one of our favorite tricks!

4. With alcohol (plastic partitions)

The vast majority of shower screens are made of glass or crystal, although they are also made of plastic. If your screen is made of plastic, the solution to remove the stains will come from the cleaning alcohol.

Application : To do this, you just have to moisten a cloth ( or any lint-free cloth) in cleaning alcohol and always pass it through the shower screen from top to bottom . To finish cleaning, moisten a rag in water and wipe it again.

Tip : Wear gloves and open doors and windows when doing this cleaning. Alcohol gives off a very strong characteristic odor that can cause possible reactions.


Clean the shower faucet and the base of the screen

Shower faucet : For cleaning you can apply any of the above products, leave it to act for a couple of minutes and rinse with plenty of water. It will be shiny!

Base of the screen: The base of the screen also accumulates dirt. If you see that it is yellowish or has black spots, use ammonia diluted in water and apply it to the entire affected area. Let the ammonia act for 10 to 15 minutes. Then use a sponge or cloth to rub and, finally, rinse with plenty of hot water. As always, if you clean with ammonia, wear latex gloves and open doors and windows to let the air flow.

You can clean the base of the screen with bleach or bleach diluted in water. Bleach is also an excellent household cleaner and disinfectant . If your screen or its base has mold, apply bleach to root out that mold. Rinse with plenty of cold water and you’re done.