French Nails for all Times and Occasions

French Nails for all times

Find out everything you need to know about French nails, and how to apply them French manicure and more, with the following details:


What is the French Nails?

The French manicure is one of the most common types of nails. It is a classic style that uses two colors for the nails as a base. The base is transparent, nail color, pink, or off-white. The French style is applied by drawing a very thin white stripe at the tips of the nails.

It is the style that is still popular and preferred by women who want a neutral, natural and attractive nail polish that suggests a clean, elegant and sophisticated look.

This method was developed by drawing nail polish and the “ombre manicure” method arose from it. In addition to applying it with all colors and mixing them together. So that the glossy and matte manicures were mixed in the same style as the French manicure.



French Nails Method:

  • Because the French nails focuses on the appearance. Nail hygiene Of course, the process of applying it begins with soaking the nails (hands and feet alike), removing the skin growths, trimming the nails and filing them as desired. Apply the first layer of Base Coat Nail Polish.
  • The base color of the French nails is applied (transparent color, nail color, pink, or off-white, and any other color can be used).
  • To draw the French manicure, a thin manicure brush can be used for those who are able to control it to apply a thin strip of white color on the tips of the nails (glitter colors can be used, or any other color as desired) and repeat this layer to get a clearer color. And the other method for beginners is to use slices nails by sticking it under the beginning of the nail. Then painting it with white manicure and removing the slices after that.
  • A layer of Top Coat Nail Polish is applied to ensure smoothness of the manicure, and to obtain a double shine.
  • After Manicure drying French, it is recommended to apply nail oil to the area around the nail for a smoother, healthy appearance.



History of the French Nails:

Although the French manicure bears this name, its origin was not French, and it was not at the hands of a French citizen either. As it is an American invention that was shown in Paris, and from here it gained this name and this fame.

The history of the French manicure dates back to the thirties of the twentieth century. When “Max Factor” invented this look during the fashion shows in Paris. Hence the link between the name and this style of design, and after that it became the favorite style of classic Hollywood stars, which gave it more spread and fame.

As for the name “French manicure”, it is an innovation that dates back to “Jeff Pink”, the founder of the nail polish brand “Orly” in 1978, and it happened after that that “Jeff Pink” created the first set of French manicure tools of the style – do it yourself – called ” Natural Look Nail “. Kit “-“Natural Look Nail Collection”, which was quickly circulated by a group of Hollywood movie stars, and with their preference and love for it, it spread very quickly and widely.

It is worth noting that, applying the principle of “necessity is the mother of invention”. The French manicure was invented, based on the film directors’ complaint about the amount of wasted time that actresses take to change nail colors. So this style of nail polish came as a color that fits all clothes, and looks elegant at the same time. And the directors loved it because it would save them time and money in production.

On the other hand, the designers and actresses loved the attractiveness of the simple and feminine French manicure, which does not overwhelm the costume. Until now, many nail-savvy people around the world still prefer French manicure, which will always remain one of the most popular classic colors.