Fall Color Trends in Copper Brown Hair dye

Copper Brown Hair dye color

Copper Brown Hair Dye

Copper Brown Hair Dye:  Copper Brown is a brown hair color with red undertones. It has the warmth of a dark blonde, but also contains hints of copper and gold that give this shade its unique coloration. This warm shade works well on any skin complexion, as long as you choose the right level for your natural base color. If you have a light or medium skin tone, choose an ash or golden Copper Brown that gives off more yellow undertones, while if you have a darker complexion, opt for a chocolate-based version to better complement your olive undertones.



What types of copper brown hair  dye are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of copper brown hair. The first is a warm brown with red undertones, and the second is a cool brown with orange or yellow undertones. Both shades have hints of copper that give them their signature reddish-brown color.
Good Copper Brown Hair is the one that can be used for a long time. You have to check the materials and see if they are durable enough to be used for long periods of time. It is also important to consider the color, since it plays an essential role in determining its quality.



Who should wear copper brown hair dye?

Copper brown hair is a great option for anyone who wants to add some warmth and depth to their hair color. It’s also perfect if you have naturally dark brown or black hair that needs a little shine boost, but you don’t want the harshness of red tones in your new shade.



Based on what criteria should you buy a copper brown hair?

The best way to choose a Copper Brown Hair Color is to buy one that has the features you need. You can use our list of the most important characteristics when comparing the different Copper Brown Hair below.
An important factor to take into account is the material and assembly quality of a Copper Brown Hair. If you want something that will serve you for years, then it should be made from top quality materials. Poor quality ones tend to break easily and don’t last long.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of copper brown hair?


Copper brown hair is a great color for people who want to add some fun and excitement to their lives. It is also perfect for those who want to change their look without being too drastic, since it can be easily toned down with the right products or simply by adding highlights.


There are no downsides to auburn brown hair. It is the most beautiful color you can have in your hair.




Which Tone suits you best in Brown Hair

Brown is one of the most common hair colors, but the truth is that under that color there are a lot of different tones. The difficult thing sometimes is to find the one that best suits you. But do not worry! For that we give you our advice.


Copper Brown Hair dye for everyone


Before launching into dyeing your hair brown, it is important that you know what are the different shades of brown hair that you can get.


Light brown

The light brown shade is the quintessential brown color. It is a shade that is halfway between the darkest blonde and the deepest chestnut. This color is perfect if you are looking for a change of look that is not too radical.


Chocolate Chestnut

If you’re looking for dark hair but don’t want to go dark, chocolate brown is perfect for you. This hair tone brings a lot of depth to the hair, with some of the most delicious reflections that will give a new air to your look.


Golden chestnut

The golden chestnut is a chestnut full of warm reflections that brings a caramel color to the hair. Thanks to these reflections, it is the perfect color if you are looking to give light to your face. The best? It suits everyone!


For light skin

If you have light skin, you can bet on a deep brown that helps to make a contrast with the color of your skin. This will give a mysterious air to your looks and you will be the center of attention.


We recommend you get it with Olia’s 5.0 Light Brown Dye . Its formula covers 100% of gray hair and will give you an intense and long-lasting color. Combine it with some red lips and the result will be the most elegant. It’s a safe bet!


For dull skin

For dull skin, it is good to choose a hair tone that brings extra light to the face. One of the best ways to achieve this is to go for a brown shade with warm reflections.


For this, the Chocolate Tint 4.15 is perfect. This tone will leave shiny hair with reflections that will capture all eyes. In addition, it looks especially good on long hair and it is a color that will not tire you. So, if you’re thinking of a long-lasting makeover, chocolate brown is for you!


For dark skin

When choosing a hair tone, it is important to find balance. For this reason, people with darker skin will be favored if they opt for lighter shades of brown. Thus, they will manage to bring light to the face and that the result is most balanced and beautiful.


If this is your case, we suggest you try Olia’s Capuccino 5.3 Dye . Its golden reflections are as sweet and intense as the name of the product itself and will soften the features of people with the most marked features. Do you dare to try it? You will get addicted!



Copper Hair

Thanks to the reflections and shades of copper, this coloration will be great for any type of skin. Get closer to this trend because it will surely make you fall in love and you will think about a change of look when you meet it!



How should you wear your copper hair?

Copper is more flattering to light and freckled skin, but it’s all a matter of adjusting the undertone until you find a tone that suits your skin tone.

Cherry and burgundy tones are best reserved for naturally brown skin, while warm ones, such as golden copper, are for fair skin. In the case of tanned skin, a redhead with mahogany reflections is recommended.

For short hair, for example, the most uniform tones are suitable, without highlights, since these tend to create the sensation of volume, an aspect that many women with this type of cut do not usually like. On the other hand, in the case of long, layered hair, it is convenient to play with reflections, gradients and highlights.



How to care for copper hair

Because reddish dyes tend to lose brightness and intensity, you should try to extend the life of the color with sulfate-free shampoos and you should use those that are specific for colored hair. At Discover health tips, we recommend the Original Remedies Argan and Blueberry range , two ideal components for hair well-being due to their nutritional virtues and antioxidant and protective properties.

Another golden rule to protect the color is not to abuse irons and dryers, since dyed hair is drier and these tools dehydrate it even more. To minimize damage as much as possible, you can use a heat protector.

Other recommendations for a long duration are:

  • Wait two days after the dye to wash the hair.
  • Apply a mask with argan oil every 10 days.
  • Use serums and oils to seal the fiber and give shine .

Finally, this coloration is perfect in a hairstyle with braids, especially herringbone, side and undone ones and in braided bows at the nape of the neck.