Best aesthetic halloween wallpaper

Enjoy the Halloween Aesthetic in your Own Way

Enjoy the Halloween Aesthetic atmosphere in your own way with Lush’s new Halloween set. From terrifying bath foam to glow-in-the-dark soap, products will surely transport you into a world of magic.


Monsters Ball – Fizzy Shower

A Dracula event awaits you! Prepare to dress up as a magical beast with energy-replenishing essential oils and mood-setting neroli and soothing olibanum oil glows. Relax in skin-soothing Himalayan salt and massage your skin with energizing lemon oil that will put you in the mood for a dance from dusk till dawn.



Bubble Soap It

is true that it is a black cat, but it will bring you nothing but luck and happiness! Forget the myths and surrender to the positive magic of bergamot and olibanum oils, fresh with a raspberry scent.



Lord of Mizuru – Fizzy Shower

Relax in your bath with these trick-or-treat salts that feature a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. The Lord of Mauritius bubble design features an outer layer of green that slowly foams up to reveal a rich raspberry essence to mark the start of the bath’s festivities of color.



Punk Pumpkin Soap Bubble

Don’t be afraid to shower in the dark, fill your bathtub to the brim, toss a pumpkin bubble into the water to banish ghosts with warm cinnamon and pumpkin powder, and freshen up with bright citrus oils.



Mercury Retrograde – Fizzy Shower

For those times when you’re feeling down, these bath salts will help you de-stress. The contents hidden in this refreshing bubble blend to create an aromatherapy treatment that relaxes your body and refreshes your mind. The acid relieves stress, while ginger and cinnamon activate and warm the body, and the gardenia reduces inflammation.

Sparkly Bumblebee Soap Bubble

If you’re feeling excited about Halloween, these sparkly salts will have you living the atmosphere. Put them under water to break them up and build a mountain of soft bubbles. Laze in the waters of juniper berries and refreshing grapefruit that light up your skin and enlighten your mind. Sour oil adjusts the mood and makes you feel happy.



Ghost in the Dark Soap

Don’t be afraid of the dark of night anymore. Throw yourself in the tub and bathe with this gentle, sparkling ghost that brightens your darkness with the glowing lather of lemongrass oil and refreshing bergamot oil.




you must try the hyperbole and worm fun. It may look simple, but don’t be fooled by the looks. Design it as you wish and watch it illuminate the darkness around it. You will be amazed at the positive effect of lemongrass, the cheerful and bright touch that fruity bergamot and rosewood will leave on your psyche.



Pumpkin Spice – lip scrub

Kiss summer farewell, and prepare to welcome autumn with its true flavor. Layer on this light scrub that’s rich in sweet and spicy flavors that will remind you of a freshly baked pumpkin pie. This scrub contains a blend of clove bud oil, ginger and cinnamon powder to warm your lips from the cool autumn air. Powdered sugar gently softens dry skin and leaves it glowing, while pumpkin butter and jojoba oil smooth and soothe lips.



Boo shower – soap

Dress up in horror this Halloween Aesthetic with the scary black mud! The softening power corn flour will leave your skin clean and comfortable while bamboo stem extract will noticeably soothe dry skin. Xanthan gum, the ingredient that gives and maintains the product’s natural thickness, will soften and moisturize the skin. Don’t let the black color scare you, because it hides a wonderful perfume with the smell of Babylon. Spread it on your damp skin and feel instantly refreshed and rejuvenated!



Owl and Kitten – Bubble Bath Carrier

Have you tried bathing with a kitten and an owl before? It’s time for it with this colorful, eco-friendly glow-in-the-dark swatch. It’s perfect for putting on your two favorite balls of bath salts! After you enjoy the bubbling and fizzing, you can cut them out at the dotted lines to make a pair of super cute masks perfect for Halloween Aesthetic!



From Outer Space – Bubble Bath Holder

Want to gift someone a trip to outer space in a bathtub? This carrier is definitely what you are looking for! You can use it to apply your two favorite balls of bathtub salts. Then you can cut them out and make a pair of masks that will make you feel like you’re from another planet! Sometimes all we need is a short spaceflight, even if it’s just a fantasy. Made from 100% recycled paper it is also 100% recyclable.