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Does Masturbation Decrease Height and Body Growth?

Does masturbation decrease height and body growth? It is considered one of the things that males and women depend on in order to unload sexual energy. And satisfy their desires through experiencing sexual arousal factors. That help achieve masturbation and then satisfy pent-up needs and desires. Although masturbation has a major role in achieving this. It is one of the forbidden and unacceptable habits on the religious and social levels, and it also causes psychological abuse.




Does Masturbation Decrease Height: Is it true? 

  • There are many beliefs and ideas in the minds of people about masturbation. As some believe that it causes infertility and others believe that it is a source of stress and sadness. While many wonder “Does Masturbation Decrease Height”.
  • In order to answer the question of whether Does Masturbation Decrease Height. It must be known at the outset that practicing this habit has nothing to do with height and does not affect it, either directly or indirectly.
  • But it should be noted that it is one of the forbidden habits whose practice causes feelings of guilt and thus causes a decline in the psychological state.
  • It has been concluded that excessive masturbation causes health problems to its owner and causes him to have some negative effects on his body in general.
  • On the other hand, we find the effect of masturbation on the psychological state, as the individual enters a sea of ​​blame, reproach and indifference, as he sees himself short and does not feel sufficiently confident.
  • And the person who practices masturbation suffers from a sense of stunted growth and stability of his height.
  • Here it must be emphasized that masturbation does not affect the length, which is related to genetic factors and has nothing to do with masturbation.



The effect of masturbation on height

  • “Does Masturbation Decrease Height” is a question that comes in the minds of many people who practice this habit and depend on it to satisfy their sexual desires.
  • Masturbation depends on the ejaculation of semen by stirring sexual arousal without the need for direct intercourse with the partner.
  • And then rely on the various means of stimulation of the sexual organs through the use of various means, whether tools or creams and other stimuli of excitement.
  • It is not possible for masturbation to affect height, as it has nothing to do with human size and height. Rather, this impression comes through the psychological impact of practicing that habit.
  • Masturbation causes a person to feel guilty and then see himself as small, short, and without any value.




Does masturbation affect the mind?

  • After we answered you the question “Does masturbation affect height”, we will discuss with you its effect on the mind, as the continuous practice of masturbation creates feelings of guilt.
  • And then make the person excessively sad and think about the correctness of what he does and the behaviors he is doing.
  • Excessive thinking raises the mental level and occupies the mind continuously.
  • Therefore, negative thoughts dominate and make a person distracted and distorted thinking, as his mind is negatively affected.
  • From here, we must know that a person’s height is determined by some genetic factors, ie hormones, as they are the main controllers of height, weight, shape and nature of the body.
  • For this, it is preferable to stay away from practicing this habit. Because it causes an increase in the number of male hormones and thus has a negative impact on the human body.
  • On the other hand, masturbation affects the mind and mind and makes a person distracted and unable to think. As well as losing focus and attention.





How to Treat Masturbation 

Masturbation is considered one of the harmful things that affect human life negatively and therefore requires treatment by changing the lifestyle and relying on a new pattern that contributes to treating it and preventing its complications. The most important of these methods are:


Avoid sitting alone

When a person sits alone, he is prepared to think about spending his free time and entertainment through masturbation. Hence, we find that being alone is the most motivating factor that prepares the mind to practice masturbation. Therefore, you must work to avoid spending free time and investing it in beneficial things. To avoid thinking about practicing this habit. This can be done through the practice of group activities. That do not allow thinking and doing that habit.


Free time investment

We must invest free time so that the voice of Satan is not allowed to interfere with the mind and tamper with it. From here, you should think about doing something useful that helps prevent masturbation. It is possible to practice a specific hobby that you like or practice a group activity.




Stay away from pornography

Pornography such as pictures, videos, and various media causes the highest rate of sexual arousal, orgasm, and masturbation. Therefore, you should avoid seeing any sex scenes or pornographic films in order to prevent and avoid sexual fantasies. That cause the thought and push the person to practice that masturbation.



Playing sports

The practice of masturbation occurs as a result of a feeling of emptiness. Where the human mind tends to drain that energy in certain matters. So sports help in occupying that time. Exercising before bed helps increase the secretion of happiness hormones. Hence, masturbation is relied upon in order to empty the body of excess energy. Exercise also causes the body to feel tired, exhausted and relax, and thus helps sleep and prevents the thought of masturbation.



Shower with cold water

When showering, a person explores his body and touches sensitive areas, which allows masturbation. Therefore, it is recommended to use cold water. Because it is beneficial in affecting the body and is also a shock to the body. That affects the receptors of the mind and prevents him from thinking about practicing this habit. 




Does masturbation affect pregnancy? 


  • Of course, masturbation affects the possibility of pregnancy. As a result of it directly affecting the fertility of both men and women.
  • A person’s addiction to masturbation after marriage causes fertility for men. Which does not happen in the pre-marital stage.
  • Post-marital sexual arousal and masturbation. Cause a relative decrease in the amount of semen available during intercourse.
  • And then there is not enough sperm needed to fertilize the egg, and the matter becomes negative in the event. That there is not enough time between masturbation and the marital relationship after it.
  • In this case, the married man suffers during the marital relationship from a shortage in the available amount of semen required for pregnancy, and therefore this causes an impact on him.
  • On the other hand, we find that women are also negatively affected. When they practice masturbation as a result of violent behaviors and practices.
  • These violent practices cause injuries that directly affect the reproductive system. And then this causes an imbalance in the rate of egg production responsible for the reproductive process. Which is the main factor in the occurrence of fertilization and pregnancy.



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