Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss ?

People often find it difficult to discuss masturbation. Which may explain why there are so many incorrect beliefs about it. Among the things raised about masturbation cause hair loss.”

This belief may be the result of theories that masturbation causes protein loss or changes in testosterone, according to “Medical News Today”.

The answer in short, that there is no scientific evidence that masturbation cause hair loss, and this belief may result from the idea that semen contains high levels of protein, and thus, the body loses protein every time you masturbate, and it is assumed that the body needs This is the missing protein for hair growth.

Semen is high in protein, containing approximately 5.04 grams of protein per 100 milliliters, but every time you masturbate only 3.3 to 3.7 milliliters of semen are produced, which is a small amount relatively.



What is Masturbation?

Masturbation or masturbation is a natural and normal habit. But a person can indulge in it. So there is no need to feel ashamed and regret, for every living being has a desire for sexual relations. Because it is a means of survival and preservation of offspring.

Apart from preserving offspring, the sexual relationship also aims to obtain sexual pleasure for both partners. Who practice it together, and sexual pleasure is an important matter in the lives of adults. Because it is like the basics and requirements of other life. It is a desire like hunger and thirst, which must be satisfied.

And the lack of sexual pleasure in people’s lives can cause feelings of anger and frustration. Resulting in depression and the destruction of social relationships with other people. Sexual pleasure should be obtained regularly.

Some people resort to masturbation. Which is to stimulate the genitals, and to obtain sexual pleasure on their own without the presence of a partner or husband. Although both men and women can do this habit. It was found that men do it more than women.

People usually use imagination or visual stimuli such as pornography to help them obtain sexual pleasure during the practice of masturbation. It is believed that masturbation is harmful to people’s health. But doctors confirm scientifically. That masturbation is okay if it is practiced once or twice Only daily. This is a healthy matter, despite that it was found that excessive practice of this habit may affect men’s health. Including increasing the chances of baldness.




Read on to discover the relationship between masturbation and hair loss in men


. Many men feel despair and frustration when their hair loss begins. In fact, if you follow a healthy lifestyle, and do not suffer from diseases that can cause hair loss. Masturbation may be the cause of this. According to For a recent research study. It was found that masturbation can cause a deficiency of certain nutrients. Such as vitamins and protein. Thus weakening hair follicles and causing hair loss or complete baldness .

In addition, masturbation can cause hormonal disorders such as the male hormone testosterone , and convert it into the compound DHT. Which is responsible for hair loss, oily scalp and acne in a large proportion of men. So according to this study. masturbation can lead to baldness. It is recommended to reduce this habit and find some hobbies that will help you get rid of it.




Steps to get rid of the practice of masturbation

1- The decision should be taken to quit this habit, with the presence of the true intention.
2- Stay away from sexual stimuli such as pornographic films and bad friends.
3- Renewing lifestyles and trying to occupy free time with useful things.
4- Social engagement and trying to stay away from being alone.
5- A complete cessation of masturbation, not gradually, is the best way.
6- The spouses should understand each other’s satiating situations, so that neither one of them resorts to practicing this habit.
7- Try to stay away from frustration and despair. If you fail in the attempt, renew your intention again and try.



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