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Does Female Masturbation Affect Virginity? Information for Every Girl

Does Female Masturbation Affect Virginity? This question may be considered the most frequently asked question by most girls who have practiced masturbation. Especially if it came to the point of addiction, what is the truth? Let’s find out the answer in the following lines.




What is the hymen?

The hymen is a group of thin tissues, and it surrounds the opening of the vagina and it is difficult to see or touch this membrane even using a mirror or a vision lamp. The membrane completely is rare and needs surgery.

There can be some practices that may affect the integrity of the hymen, such as some types of sports such as horse riding, climbing, etc.




Does Female Masturbation Affect Virginity?

Most girls have a fear of the effect of virgin masturbating on the hymen. Most of the opinions of doctors and experts here are that superficial practice without violent practice or the introduction of hard objects, will not cause the hymen to break, which is located 2 cm from the vaginal opening.

The problem is mostly with trying to insert solid objects and they are multiple. Which can be some types of tampons (tampons), in addition to other objects and they can cause bruises and wounds to the genitals.

And sometimes with violent practice they can have a possible effect on the membrane. But in In case of serious doubt, you can consult a specialist doctor to be sure.



Reasons for Masturbation

Although there are some harms related to masturbation addiction, there are also benefits to masturbation and reasons that push many people to masturbate, including:

  • Desire to have orgasm and pleasure.
  • Reducing the feeling of some pain.
  • Desire to relieve stress.
  • Exercising as a substitute for the lack of sexual intercourse.

Masturbation is a common behavior in men and women, and it begins when the body is discovered, and may remain for years with some people to reach the point of addiction.




Getting Rid of Masturbation Addiction

Stopping masturbation is not impossible, especially if it severely affects your daily life in a way that makes you spend most of your time in isolation and your goal is only one thing. Replacing masturbation with other habits during your day can help to overcome the matter, including:

  • Doing sports or some light activities.
  • Use your time to take up a new hobby or return to an old one.
  • Spend time with friends and family rather than being alone.
  • Avoid all stimuli and stimuli for you to return to masturbation.

Of course, there are other ways that will help you to get rid of masturbation addiction, you can learn about them through the article

How to get rid of masturbation, but if you find yourself continuing to return without improvement or that the matter is increasing with you, consult a competent doctor.


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11 Important Facts about a Girl’s Virginity


In the absence of proper awareness and the spread of many misconceptions. The issue of the hymen and the fear of losing it remains a problem that haunts the girl. As soon as she becomes aware of its existence and even marriage.
The gynecologist Reham Al-Balawi informs us of the most important facts about the hymen, and clarifies common beliefs through 11 important pieces of information:

Everything related to sexuality remains the focus of attention and secrecy in our society. Which arouses the curiosity of girls, and they seek to identify all the questions that are on their minds. This is done through wrong and incorrect sources, and sometimes ignorance of these matters is very harmful.


Here are 11 important facts about a girl’s virginity:

  • The hymen is a thin membrane, and it gets thicker with age.
  • Creating the hymen as a natural barrier that prevents the entry of what could pose a danger to the reproductive system.
  • The hymen should be a distinction for a girl, not a psychological concern.
  • The girl should look for reliable sources to learn about sexual matters. There is nothing better than the mother in raising awareness about the virginity of the girl.
  • Exercising of all kinds does not affect virginity. and violent sports have an effect on fertility and childbearing in girls.
  • Falls and accidents do not cause a girl to lose her hymen.
  • Girls’ masturbation, or masturbation, does not pose any danger to virginity.
  • Menstrual bleeding, no matter how long it is, will not cause the girl to lose her virginity.
  • The hymen can only be broken by the introduction of a sharp substance, or through the full legal relationship.
  • The diversity of the hymen should be clear information for young people. And here comes the role of the mother also in raising awareness.
  • Finally, it is important for society to be aware of the girl’s lack of a hymen, as it may be the result of a congenital defect, or because of its small size.




Disadvantages of Masturbation in Girls

Masturbation or masturbation is a common habit in men and women. It depends on stimulating the genitals to get orgasm or for other reasons that differ according to each person and his interests. Virgin masturbating has some damage in general to girls, the most important of which are:

  • Feelings of guilt and stress.
  • Wounds and bruises of the genitals.
  • Impact on daily life and required responsibilities.




The truth about the harms of virgin masturbating in the future for girls:

There are many rumors circulating among women about the harms of masturbation in the future for girls, which may reach the point of believing in their ability to cause infertility. Masturbation in the future for girls and the correct information about it:


1. Wounds and infections in the vagina:

Violent masturbation or using sharp instruments causes wounds and infections in the vagina, or transmission of infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis C in the event that the instrument is transmitted from one person to another.



2. Depression:

Guilt is the first harm of masturbation, accompanied by a decrease in self-esteem and self-esteem, which puts women in a state of permanent depression .



3. Not enjoying the sexual process:

Masturbation leads to getting used to a certain method based on individual access to sexual pleasure, which makes the woman refuse to participate or use another method to reach orgasm, and thus unwillingness to engage in the real sexual process and dissatisfaction with it because she did not achieve the usual orgasm.



4. Addiction:

Continuous repetition of masturbation leads to the possibility of falling into addiction as a result of the link of the hormone of happiness endorphins secreted by orgasm with masturbation and thus taking it as a refuge to escape from pressures and difficult life situations, which results in psychological and behavioral dependence.



5. High blood pressure:

Excessive masturbation leads to a rise in blood pressure in the long run, due to the accompanying stress and anxiety.




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