Different types of Eye glitter

Different Types of Eye Glitter

Eye glitter are considered one of the bold makeup trends that give an attractive look, especially for social events and parties. Glitter comes in many colors to suit all tastes and looks. In this article, we will learn about the best types of eye glitters and how to apply them.


What is Eye Glitter?

Eye Glitter is a shimmery eyeshadow that contains tiny glitter particles that can reflect light, and provides smooth coverage with a subtle shimmer to add a touch of sparkle for a flawless look, especially in the eyelid area. Glitter eye shadows come in a variety of forms, either as liquids, powders or creams, and range from subtle shimmers to intense, high-impact shimmers.

consists Eye shadow glitter Made of aluminum that has been colored and coated with plastic, and cut into different sizes and shapes to obtain the desired effect.


The best types of Eye Glitters

1- Liquid glitter eyeshadow

Increasingly popular are liquid shimmer eye shadows, which are liquid or cream that come in a tube-like tube lip gloss. The best glitter eye shadow of this kind is from Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadows , as it combines luster with pearl particles, which gives a wonderful look to eye shadow.


2- Shiny eyeliner

Similar to the regular black liquid eyeliner, the shimmer eyeliner comes with a small amount of sparkle with a brush to apply on the eyes. And NYX Cosmetic’s offers the best eye glitters in eyeliner form.


3- Pressed glitter eye shadow

Pressed glitter is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a touch of sparkle to any eye makeup style. You only need to use a flat brush to choose the color of the shimmery shadow and apply it on the eyes.



How to choose the right types of glitters for the color of the eyes

You can get a glowing look, especially for celebrations and social events, by applying glitter eye makeup that suits the color of the eyes and skin color as well.

  1. Coral, copper, pink, and golden brown glitter are suitable for brown eyes.
  2. Violet, gray, and silver glitter highlight the beauty of blue eyes.
  3. Coral, turquoise, gold, and brown glitter matches green eyes.
  4. Coral, pink, golden brown and turquoise glitter are suitable for hazel eyes.



Eye glitters colors according to skin tone

Always remember that you should choose a glitter eyeshadow shade according to your skin tone; If you have fair skin with a cool undertone, choose a shimmery eyeshadow color like green or earthy tones like copper. But if you have wheatish skin, then a shiny golden shade will be the most suitable for you. Choose metallic colors or pop colors like neon and teal if you have darker skin.

Glitter eye makeup application

  1. First apply an eye primer on your eyelids to help the glitter stay in place for as long as possible, then apply a golden shade on the lower lash line all the way to the outer corner of the eyes.
  2. Apply Shimmery eye shadow On the middle of the eyelids, and you can add a touch of glitter on the corners of the eyes and under the lower lash line.
  3. Wipe the residue off your skin with a makeup remover, then start applying the makeup steps.
  4. Finally, draw your eyes with black kohl pencil or eyeliner. You can also apply black mascara or false eyelashes.

Eye glitters types are often applied on occasions and evening parties, as it gives women a strong and sharp look, and it is necessary to use internationally known types of eye glitter makeup so that it does not cause any harm to the eyes.



Glitter Eye Makeup looks for Valentine’s Day

Eye makeup is a distinctive language that only experts understand, as the glittery shade gives it more brilliance and beauty, so how about we get to know the pictures of the most beautiful glittery eye makeup looks for Valentine’s Day?

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In order to get a distinctive eye makeup, you must follow the following tips:

  • Arrange your eyebrows in their natural shape, and define them with an eyebrow corrector that matches your hair color.
  • Apply a little concealer under your eyebrows to add a touch of elegance to your makeup.
  • Define your eyes with winged eyeliner, and follow the method appropriate to the shape of your eyes.
  • Choose glitter eye shadows and apply them to the movable eyelid only, and you can apply shadows in a neutral color to the lower eyelid.

Decorate your eyelashes with the volumizing and lengthening mascara.