Dental Implants Before and After

Dental Implants Before and After

The dental implant technique is one of the best modern medical techniques. That are used to replace lost or damaged teeth without any risks or complications that could affect the patient’s health after performing them. The difference between dental implants before and after can be clearly distinguished due to the impressive success that results in them. As it looks The teeth are symmetrical and natural, and the smile is more attractive.


The steps involved in dental implants before and after surgery

The steps to be followed in dental implants before and after the surgery can be classified into several successive steps, which are:

Pre-operative steps

After examining and diagnosing the regular doctor of the condition of the teeth and gums. He may order more imaging tests to ensure the susceptibility of dental implants , and to identify problems that cannot be seen during the examination.
Before implantation, some laboratory analyzes must also be performed. The most important of which is a comprehensive blood image analysis to determine the cases that may be subject to bleeding during the implantation process. Therefore, it is preferable that the dental implant center be integrated to conduct all the required examinations in one place.
are most often performed under local anesthesia. In some minor cases, the doctor may have to completely anesthetize them during implantation.
The doctor may prescribe some antibiotics before the operation for cases with a deficiency in the immune system to avoid bacterial or viral infection during the surgery.
After the doctor determines the client’s condition. He places dental implants to be implanted, and some cases may need treatment before placing the tooth implant to prepare the tissues to receive new teeth.

Dental implant process steps

  • Dental implants are performed in well-sterilized conditions.
  • The doctor injects the patient with a local anesthetic in the place where a new tooth is to be implanted.
  • The doctor installs some screws in the jawbone to serve as a support for the implanted tooth later.
  • The doctor takes measurements of the teeth to be implanted to be prepared in the laboratory.
  • The doctor may wait up to six weeks between implant placement and final crown placement for the tissues to fuse with the base and implants.


Post-implant steps

Doctors refer to a set of instructions that must be followed after the dental implant procedure, which are:

Avoid eating or drinking for two hours after the operation until the local anesthesia wears off.
The patient may feel pain in the gums as a result of the implant. But the doctor can be consulted about taking some analgesic medications to get rid of it.
Constant cleaning of teeth and implants with brush and paste, and using a suitable mouthwash to get rid of bacteria stuck in the mouth and between the teeth.
Periodic examination every six months to ensure the health and safety of the implanted teeth.


Dental Implants Before and After pictures



Risks of dental implants

Dental implants are a completely safe process that does not pose any risks or complications to the patient’s health. But it can have some minor side effects such as swelling of the gums or feeling pain in the tissues in which the implants were placed.
Some rare cases may become infected during the implant procedure. So it is advised to think carefully when choosing the best dental implant center. As well as when choosing the doctor who will perform the implant.


Is dental implants a suitable procedure for everyone?

There are some cases in which the process is not suitable. And there is no difference between dental implants before and after, as the teeth are exposed again to fall and damage, and among these cases:

  • People with diabetes or chronic heart disease.
  • Cases with chronic high blood pressure.
  • Cases with osteoporosis or an immune disease such as rheumatoid disease.
  • Heavy smokers.
  • Diseases that require radiation therapy sessions.

My experience with dental implants in Egypt

One of the patients who had previously undergone dental implants recounts her experience with implants, saying, “ My experience with dental implants in Egypt was very good. I did not feel any pain during the sessions, and I did not experience any side effects afterwards, except for a slight pain in the gums, but the doctor prescribed some painkillers for me, which helped me a lot to get rid of this pain, and after that I enjoyed the appearance of beautiful and attractive teeth, and I ate comfortably and easily.”
At Dr. Kenawy Center, the best dental implant center in Egypt , we care about providing all that is new in the field of dentistry to provide comprehensive care to our customers. We also care about using the latest medical tools available to treat various dental problems easily and to avoid any complications that may occur to the customer.