Dark Red Nails for a Bold Look

Dark Red Nails for a Bold Look

Dark Red nails gives a romantic tone to your look on occasions, as it fits your look better on special occasions in your life. In this article, we will learn about the most beautiful looks of red manicure this year.


Dark Red Nails 2023 :

These are the most prominent red manicure trends for 2023:

  • Classic cool reds, rich crimson, dark suede and raspberry will look best in a matte red.
  • Dark red berry manicure will be very popular in 2023.
  • Add the golden glitter manicure at the base of the nail to the dark red nails on the rest of the nail to get modern and attractive nails.
  • Adopting ruby ​​red French manicure as a fashion for red manicure 2023 for special occasions and celebrations.
  • Romanticize your manicure by designing a symbol of your choice in red on the tip of the nail.
  • Add a touch of contrast to your red nail look by overlaying your favorite ruby ​​polish with offset peach squares.
  • Another red manicure trend 2023 is to use different shades of red to create an ombre look.
  • One of the boldest trends in dark red nails and applying red manicure with black color in a distinctive way to give a modern touch.
  • Maroon glitter nail polish is 3 thick layers of red nail polish plus a sparkly top coat.



Choosing the Degree of Dark Red manicure:

The color of the skin plays in determining the appropriate degree of red color, and the following is how to choose the degree of red manicure:

  • Dark Red nails for fair skin is a burgundy red, violet red, and dark red manicure, with the need to avoid orange red and copper red.
  • Red manicure for dark skin is a light red manicure that has touches of pink or orange, and also tends to maroon red and gold.
  • A red manicure for wheat skin is suitable for all shades of red, especially a dark red and burgundy red manicure.
  • Red manicure for olive skin is a warm red and orange manicure.
  • Choose a bright red manicure in the spring, and a dark red, classic red, and cherry red manicure in the fall and summer.


How to apply red manicure:

Here is how to apply the red manicure in a simple way:

  • Clean the nails and remove all the previous polish residue completely, then file the nails uniformly.
  • Apply some nail primer, wait a few moments, and then you can apply dark red nails polish. The nail primer nourishes the nails and protects them from breakage, and the red manicure will last for a long time.
  • Apply some dark red nails polish all over the nail, and wait for the color to dry and harden.
  • You can soak your nails in cold water containing ice cubes to speed up the drying of the manicure.
  • Put a little acetone on an ear-cleaning cotton, and then pass it on the nail polish stains that have reached the skin surrounding your nails without getting close to the manicure and ruining it.
  • A red manicure with soft makeup gives an attractive look on social occasions, and it is considered one of the endless trends in the world of beauty because it matches everything. We have provided you with how to choose a red manicure according to skin tone.