Best Time to Drink Milk to getting Most Benefits

According to Discover health tips , Many people are thinking what is the best time to drink milk but it depends on weather.

This article examines whether the time is of the essence when drinking milk.

Does Time to Drink Milk Matter?

In some cases, drinking milk at a certain time can help to get the most benefits.

For general health

Milk provides many health-promoting nutrients.

A cup (240 ml) of whole milk contains

  • 149 calories
  • 8 grams protein
  • 8 grams fat
  • 12 grams carbohydrates
  • 21% calcium of the daily value
  • 6% magnesium of the daily value
  • 7% potassium of the daily value
  • 16% Vitamin D of the daily value

Calcium in milk helps in bone development, while magnesium and potassium are essential for controlling blood pressure.

Milk for improving digestionĀ 

Because of its vitamins and minerals, whole-milk dairy has been shown to promote brain development and improve digestion.

In addition, drinking milk after exercise improves muscles development and body composition.

A two months study of 10 young women found that people who drink fat-free milk 5 days a week after strength training had significantly more muscle mass and the fat reduction was much better than those who did not.