Asap Science: Butter vs. Margarine: which is better?

Butter and margarine are a couple of spreadable foods that at first glance might seem the same. However, they are not, and between the two options they do maintain certain differences derived from their creation process. As well as their value in terms of ingredients they contain. or the fat itself that they can add.

To clear up some doubts and, above all, to clarify a bit, which option may be the best if you have to decide between butter or margarine. The expert in Food Engineering, Rafael Carbajal, explained this important issue that has surely been raised at some time. at the discussion table.

The food engineer pointed out in a short but concise TikTok video that the first difference between the two foods is that butter is made with milk fat. Because to create it. This substance is recovered and then beaten to have that creamy consistency. While the other alternative is created with vegetable oil (yes, like the one used for cooking) and undergoes a process called hydrogenation. So that thanks to the high temperatures inside a special device. The structure can be changed. molecular weight of the oil and thus obtain it.

What is better butter or margarine?

The expert assured that methods are currently being developed to make margarines more similar to butter that contain less trans fat, but he, as a food engineer, recommended butter.

It is worth mentioning that the offers in terms of this type of product in the market are wide and not all margarines are made in the same way. Some can be reduced in fat like butter and in view of this issue. It is also important to assess this nutritional information that it contains on the back of the package and analyze the data presented in the ingredients tables.

As far as specialist opinion goes. Butter may be better but don’t forget to look for a spread that is trans fat free and has as little saturated fat as possible. As well as limiting the amount you use to control calories.