cause of acne around mouth

Acne Around Mouth : Face Mapping Acne Can Tell About Your Health

Acne around mouth: The place where pimples appear on the face has a meaning. The surprising secret of face mapping acne. Face mapping allows us to understand the meaning of certain pimples according to their location on the face. The acne that appears in certain areas is the result of signals sent by the body to translate a dietary or hormonal problem.

Although it is not officially used in Western dermatology, this mapping can provide keys to understanding this skin condition. In adolescence, acne pimples can appear in a scattered and wild manner, but it is clear that in adulthood they are very localized. They often reappear in the same place over time. 

Thus, this skin disease is the result of many complex factors directly linked to certain signals coming from the body.  Face mapping is derived from Chinese medicine, according to which there is communication between the organs that are linked to each other.

Although it is not officially used in Western dermatology to make a diagnosis, this mapping can nevertheless provide some insight. Only a dermatologist will determine the causes of adult acne and will administer an appropriate treatment according to the individual and the manifestations presented. Moreover, the shape of the acne is as important as its location: blackheads, nodules, papules, pustules, cysts.

Acne Around Mouth, perceive acne spots on the face

Acne near the Hair: 

It can be sebum stuck in the hair follicle. If it is not evacuated, a pimple is created. It can also be a reaction to styling products or bangs. An increase in toxins and irregular sleep can also explain it.

Acne between the Eyebrows: 

This can be the result of hair growth after waxing. Stress can also exacerbate the presence of sebum in this area. It can also be a sign of a burdened liver. The cause? Alcohol abuse or food intolerance.

Acne on the Forehead towards the Temples: 

This can indicate a digestive disorder, a disorder of the gallbladder or kidneys. An unbalanced diet, too rich or too sweet can be the cause, as can a lack of hydration.

Acne on the Cheek: 

The pimple can be created by bacteria from a pillowcase, a telephone, or dirty fingers. This large area is related to the kidneys and stomach as well as the respiratory system. It can therefore concern smokers. Why not consider a little sport to oxygenate and eliminate toxins? For men, the beard, a nest of microbes, maybe the cause. Finally, rosacea, which is located in this area, can be mistaken for acne.

Acne on the Jawbone: 

Women are particularly affected by pimples in this area, which may be hormonal in origin. “Hormonal fluctuations stimulate the sebaceous glands and clog the pores. This leads to red, inflamed breakouts, often located on the lower half of the face,” a dermatologist tells Glamour. Gut health can also affect hormone balance.

Acne Around the Mouth: 

This can be the result of eating too much acid or spice.

Acne on the Nose: 

This may be related to cholesterol.