7 Makeup Tips to Rejuvenate for Mature Women

Just as our haircut should change as we get older to enhance our image to the fullest, the way we apply our makeup should also do so.

At some point in life, many women begin to notice that the makeup style that favored them in their 20s or 30s no longer suits them by the time they’re 40 or mature women.

And it is that, as time passes and the signs of age begin to become present, the face begins to have other needs and some techniques are harmful.

That’s when it’s time to give up the usual and embrace new beauty tricks to help us get the most out of it and achieve a fresh and rejuvenated appearance .

The 7 Makeup Tips to Instantly Rejuvenate

Here are 7 tips to achieve rejuvenating makeup and not only look more beautiful than ever, but also feel great.


1. Light Bases

When expression lines begin to appear, you have to take great care of the makeup base that you use. Ideally , choose one with a light texture .

The reason? Heavy bases accentuate wrinkles by filling them with product ; Hogarmania points out .

Another option is tinted moisturizers . As we will remember, the skin becomes drier over the years, so nutrient products will give it a fresher and, therefore, jovial appearance.

If they come with a sun protection factor , much better because that way it will protect you from the sun’s rays and prevent premature aging.

Of course, remember that you should choose a foundation shade that is as close to your skin tone to achieve the most revitalizing effect.


2. Light and More Light

As time goes by, the complexion can also start to look dull , making it necessary to add luminosity.

To this end, concealer should be applied -preferably in cream, although it depends on each skin type- to hide all imperfections.

Subsequently, you have to add light to the face with touches of illuminator in the T zone . Finish the makeup with blush on the high part of the cheekbones to achieve a fresher and more youthful look.


3. To go down to the Shadows

As we get older, we need to lessen the drama in eye makeup. Shiny or metallic-looking shadows cause the visual effect of having wrinkles on the eyelids .

Of course, it is not rejuvenating at all. Given this, it is necessary to opt for other more flattering alternatives, such as iridescent or matte shadows , preferably in light tones.


4. Well blurred strokes and always upwards

If we are looking for a more youthful appearance, it is important not to abuse the profilers . Likewise, when using them, care must be taken not to make very defined lines.

As for eye makeup, the lines of the eyeliner should always be upwards to achieve a lifting effect on the eyes and very well blended so as not to harden it.


5. Perfect Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face , so they must always be arranged to maintain a jovial appearance and a lively look.

As we know, as we get older, the eyebrows lose their density and the appearance of gray hair changes its color . What can we do with them to rejuvenate ourselves?

First of all, you have to avoid waxing them too much ; while, secondly, you have to make use of eyebrow makeup in order to fill in the blank spaces and perfect their shape.


6. Mascara, your best ally

On the other hand, mascara will be your best ally in your rejuvenating makeup routine . And it is that a simple layer has the power to enlarge the eye and awaken the look.


 7. Lips

Finally, to complete a rejuvenating make -up , choose lipsticks in light shades that give a natural, shiny and voluminous look to lips that become thinner over the years.

By painting the lips in these tones we will be able to give the mouth a fresh and fresh appearance . It should be noted that pink and reddish tones will be the most flattering.


In addition to these tricks, never forget the quintessential rule when it comes to putting on makeup at any stage of life: don’t abuse the products!

Remember that heavy makeup produces the appearance of stiff skin and achieves the opposite effect to what we want, since it adds years to our skin.

Bet on naturalness, take care of yourself in all aspects, proudly embrace your age and maximize your beauty with the advice described above.